Alanya Traffic Signaling System Winter Arrangement

alanya traffic signaling system winter regulation
alanya traffic signaling system winter regulation

Alanya Traffic Signaling System Winter Arrangement; Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Traffic technical teams, made the winter arrangement in the Alanya signaling system.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Alanya city center vehicles and pedestrian traffic is more comfortable and healthier arrangements to continue. Traffic Branch Directorate technical teams, the traffic density in the center of Alanya, Ataturk Boulevard, Ahmet Asim Tokus Boulevard and 25 meter intersections on the road traffic lights updated according to the intensity of signaling time. With the new regulation, pedestrian and vehicle traffic operates more safely and fluently.


Another signaling arrangement took place at Metro Junction which provides connection to ALKÜ Hospital. After the new arrangement and the traffic confusion around the intersection has disappeared. Regular checks and observations of the intersection of teams that can be experienced in the shortest time to eliminate the negativity.

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