Istanbul Metro Investments Receive Largest Share in 2020 Budget

Istanbul metro investments took the largest share in the budget
Istanbul metro investments took the largest share in the budget

Istanbul Metro Investments Receive Biggest Share in 2020 Budget; President Imamoğlu presented the 25.9 budget of the 2020 billion pounds of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to the Parliament and announced that they had taken over a budget deficit of 14 billion pounds with overdue and future debts, and reduced the 6 billion pounds to the 4.7 billion pounds and saved 3,2 billion pounds. “We make all our legal payments and pay salaries on time. Moreover; social assistance, kindergartens, Halk Süt, 30 thousand university support, such as the start of many new support packages, ”said Imamoglu,“ You will see our real performance from now on. Now we will fulfill the instructions given by our citizens, ı he said.

The 3rd meeting of the December meetings of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluIt was held in Saraçhane building under the management of . IMM presents its 2020 Budget, 2020 Investment and Service Program, 2020 Performance Program and 2020 – 2024 Strategic Plan to the IMM Assembly. Ekrem İmamoğlumade very important statements about investments and services and the future vision of IMM.


İmamoğlu stated that they took over the IMM administration under a heavy debt burden and fixed investments in 26 June and said, dık We started by taking over the overdue debt of 6 billion pounds in our lap. We didn't have the money to pay the salaries of our staff. Until the end of the year, according to the budget of the previous administration, we took over a large budget deficit of 7,9 billion pounds. So 6 billion pounds overdue debt, plus by the end of the year need more money about 8 billion pounds. In total, we assumed a budget deficit of 14 billion. In the last 6 month we have managed this 14 billion pound deficit. Since the economy contracted, the income of the citizen, companies and thus the tax decreased. In other words, the revenues of IMM and its affiliated companies have decreased significantly. Moreover, the planned real estate revenues are not realized as in the budget. This contraction continued in our second 6 month. There's more. We pay us a share of the Ministry of Finance to be paid after he took office, in a way unprecedented in the history of Turkey, although it has granted an advance on the previous administration sent us the job we've done. We managed this huge crisis, a huge financial deficit. Look at this, we're near the end of December; but our overdue debts did not increase. Our overdue debts are still at the level of 5,8 billion pounds we took over. Moreover, even though we paid taxes and debts from the former administration to the government, we achieved great success! So what have we done? How did we do it?.


Imamoglu emphasized that they have saved money, did not carry out some unnecessary works or put them away, and succeeded in realizing investments at prices well below the planned.

“So we put an end to waste. We'il do more. Remember, we didn't plan any work this year. The previous management planned for us. We only managed what they had planned, things that were driven according to their initiatives and priorities. In sum, we reduced the budget deficit of 7,9 billion to 4,7 billion TL. We have saved 6 billion pounds from the budget we found on our lap only planned by 3,2 month and the previous administration. We have managed to borrow approximately 2,2 billion pounds from the IMM Assembly and managed a deficit of approximately 8 billion pounds. We continue to pay past due debts. None of our investments have stopped. We started new ones. We have restarted the construction of our two metro lines, 2 years later. We're gonna start a third soon. We also give confidence to the market. Because everyone knows that the new and professional staff of IMM do financial planning well. We make all our legal payments. We pay our staff on time. We are starting new projects in the field of social services. Even in the first six months of the fight against urban poverty, we were able to allocate budgets for new projects. We were able to launch many new support packages, such as social benefits, nurseries, the Halk Dairy project, and support for 30.000 university. We did all this! ”


Imamoglu pointed out that the projected budget of 23,5 billion pounds of IMM affiliates was realized as 15 billion pounds with the contraction of 20,5 percent. .

Imamoğlu stated that these companies pay a large part of their tax debts and restructure some of them. “In the first 6 month, we reversed this photo in the subsidiaries. This is a huge success. We have provided continuity in service. We have made a difference of approximately 600 million in our subsidiaries, excluding İGDAŞ. Together with İGDAŞ, we are closing this year with a profit of 900 million pounds. We will double this at least next year. ”


Reminding that the IMM Assembly restricted themselves by saying 'No' to the water price regulation in İSKİ, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu“Despite this, we continue to invest in İSKİ as well. You will see that we will achieve financially successful results at İSKİ next year. In IETT, IMM subsidizes public support and discounts in the same way. Our real performance will be seen from now on. In other words, in 2020 and beyond, 16 million Istanbulites will witness how a fair and equitable government plans and manages a budget. We will see it all together in 2020,” he said.


Imamoglu pointed out that IMM has implemented an equivalent budget between 2008 and 2000 in addition to the global financial crisis in 2013 and described the last 5 year as a disaster in terms of finance and discipline.

“When we were on the job, the revenue-expense difference and total contractual obligation had exceeded 60 billion pounds. We will manage it with an understanding that develops measures to correct this hunch. İ İ For us, budget means public conscience. For us, budget means justice. Saving on the road to a fair, green and creative Istanbul means never to waste. It means investing in the future of the saint city. Respect for people and care for the city. Transparency in line with principles and values. We planned our 2020 budget with this understanding. We will not allow waste, nor do we do things without books or books. Just as we managed the last 6 month we took over with an incredible budget deficit, we will continue to improve our budget performance and increase efficiency without leaving savings. Tasarruf


Ekrem İmamoğluExplaining that they are planning revenues as 2020 billion liras and expenses as approximately 21,3 billion liras in the 25.9 Budget of IMM, said, “We are planning our revenues as 2019 billion 12 million liras, with an increase of 21 percent compared to 250. We plan that our expenses will be 25 billion 850 million liras. We will have 4.6 billion lira loan repayments in addition to our 3.6 billion lira deficit. When we deduct the existing 3.5 billion investment loan, it means a net financing need of 4.7 billion liras.”


Investments compared to 2019 14 billion 139 million pounds 19 billion 479 million pounds will give information that Imamoglu, 5 billion 487 million 9 million investment, 483 billion 4 million 363 million 5 million Hence, routine investments will be realized as 849 billion 319 million pounds.


Imamoglu said, “We will be making a net investment of around 2020 billion pounds in 10. We are waiting for your support to our budget in order to serve the Istanbul and the people of Istanbul and to be able to pay for the debts we have taken over from the past and previous administrations. In our investment priorities, you can see the traces of both the will of 16 million Istanbulites that emerged in the strategic plan and our management understanding. Transport, the environment and the fight against urban poverty are among our primary investment priorities. Likewise, health and social service investments, disaster and risk management, and education and culture investments will be our most important areas. ”

Emamoğlu underlined that they have the biggest share in investments in transportation and subway. “In 2020, we planned an investment budget of 10 billion pounds. We will continue to make our loan payments. We will continue to pay overdue debts. We want to quickly reach the days when the IMM will prevent the financial hunchback and make an equivalent budget. I hope that next year we will make the right decision on behalf of 16 million Istanbulites and manage the right budget. ”


IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluIn his speech, he also gave information about the 2020 – 2024 Strategic Plan, which was prepared together with the people of Istanbul. Expressing that the 5-year roadmap of Istanbul was determined by the active participation of hundreds of thousands of Istanbulites, 1.115 institutions and non-governmental organizations, İmamoğlu continued his words as follows:

“During the next 5 years of Istanbul, we will follow the instructions given by the citizen about where and how to go. I would like to thank all our fellow countrymen who have drawn the 16-year road map of Istanbul, which reflects the will of 5 million Istanbul residents and the concrete commitments of the IMM, which is responsible for fulfilling this will. They shared their responsibility to manage Istanbul and eased our burden. Istanbul will continue on the path drawn by the citizen and this city will be a much more beautiful, much happier and more hopeful living space for everyone. ”


Ekrem İmamoğluEmphasizing that the “Istanbul is Yours” campaign, which covers the preparation process of the IMM's Strategic Plan and realized with a democratic participation, is a first in the history of Turkey, “Together, we have prepared a strategic plan that will go into the local government literature. Earthquake, disaster and emergency management as priority service areas for our people and stakeholders; transportation services; environmental management; immigrants and asylum seekers; zoning management and urban transformation. While our surveys reveal the big picture from the perspective of Istanbulites; our workshops allowed us to penetrate the capillaries of urban life. As a result of all these, we determined the strengths and weaknesses of our institution. We express our vision, which is shaped in the light of our strategic plan studies, as “a fair, green and creative city, happy Istanbulites”. Our main goal is to reveal the existing potential of Istanbul and make it accessible to everyone living in this city. We have produced eight themes: Accessible Istanbul, environmentally friendly, producing Istanbul, sharing Istanbul, living Istanbul, unique heritage, financial sustainability, participation and innovative management. Each of these themes explains our strategic goals. We certainly do not want the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan to be a pile of pages that consist of incomprehensible numbers and have no practical equivalent. By 2024, we will have identified all risky areas with disaster priority. We will increase the total number of projects realized within the scope of urban transformation project studies to 44. We will increase the share of rail system transportation in public transportation from 20,6 percent to 30 percent. We will increase the vehicle capacity of the completed parking lot from 100 to 94.471 by constructing 194 thousand new parking lots. We will increase the rate of active green space per capita from 471 square meters to 7,04 square meters. We will increase the total amount of green space by 9,04 million 30 thousand 872 square meters. We will increase the number of social services provided annually from 55 thousand 822 to 162 million 2 thousand 552. With this strategic plan prepared by listening to and understanding the citizens as a whole, we will walk together on the road to the peace and happiness of Istanbul.”

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