No Amnesty for Vehicles Parkinging Disabled in Kocaeli

Kocaelide disabled cars parked in place of disability no
Kocaelide disabled cars parked in place of disability no

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams, the city's many points of peace and public order to ensure the citizens are working hard. In this context, municipal police teams, car parking spaces reserved for disabled people in parking lots throughout the city continues to strictly controls for drivers. The teams, in the areas of duty in the district of Izmit and Gebze in 2019, even though there is no disabled card parked in the disabled parking garage with a thousand 200 vehicles removed.


Izmit city center, SEKA Park and Gebze headquarters meticulously inspect the Metropolitan Traffic Police teams, work is carried out with the motorized units of the Kocaeli Police Department. Vehicles identified as being pulled into sections reserved for disabled people in parking lots are notified to the security forces and criminal procedures are applied. After the criminal proceedings, vehicles are taken to the Yediemin Car Park by the police teams. Parking violation vehicles, as well as the written penalty of 50 TL pays the parking fee.


Metropolitan Municipality Municipal Police Department teams, disabled parking spaces reserved for the owners of vehicles parked illegally vehicles numbered 2918 Traffic Law and Municipality orders and prohibitions provisions by the Yediemin Car Park. Sensitive citizens may call Metropolitan 153, which is the call center of the Metropolitan Municipality, when they detect such a situation. Metropolitan Municipality aims to facilitate the lives of disabled citizens with the sensitivity of the citizens and services for disabled individuals.

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