Tram to break down Bar Street

Tramway Bar Street will demolish: Tramway project, which has been put forward for every election period in Kocaeli but has not been implemented, is on the agenda. This time, however, it turned out that the route would pass through the Bars Street and notification of demolition to the bars, restaurants and entertainment venues in the area. Business owners are responsive.

Before each election, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will do türlü we will do tı, but one of the projects he can not do is tram. You remember this tram from the mind-boggling show in the previous local election period. In the vicinity of Thursday Bazaar, one of the busiest places in Kocaeli, with the participation of Minister Fikri Işık, the tram was operated by a triple outlet. 7 The tram, which came to the agenda again before the June general elections, is in front of us with the route change.


Now starting from Seka Park, the tram will go to the Otogar along the route of the Walkway. Now, with a slight change, the tram will continue on its way. AKP Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli, said that the geç Akçaray bu tram line, which is planned to be put into service in 2016, will pass through this region and sent operators, building owners and other tradesmen notification of destruction.


The residents of the Bars Street, where the municipality had previously attempted to demolish, were organized under the Association of Entertainment Centers of Kocaeli (KEYDER). The association is now fighting against the tram project that will pass through Bar Street. Association President Yusuf Ziya Tom, the train passing through the city before, recalling, "the same route should be used in the tram, they choose the most difficult for themselves and everyone is touching their labor, bread," he said.

Biz The project affects us.

I'm an operator here with the municipality's license. When we go to the municipality, we are told, 'We didn't think of you.' We have business here, no one has the right to put us on the street. For years we have rented these places, we have given labor. Nobody can get us out of business. There are many bakers and hotel operators outside of us and therefore many people will be harmed with this project. Burada


”One of the biggest reasons for our objection is to be played with our bread, işletme said another company's owner, Aslan, said that they were not consulted when the project was being done and they were not shown another place.

Akgün Öztürk also stated that the city was badly reduced to children and said, ler If there is a service for public service, why should we be victims? And there are many land in Izmit, all of them stand empty, let's talk about this issue and let's find a solution for the entertainment venues of Izmit. Ve


Chamber of Architects Kocaeli Branch President Arsal Arisal: Tramway is a public transportation vehicle that will mainly relieve traffic, reduce environmental pollution and provide transportation for people. But the tram is not a means of transportation at simple costs, and we know that it costs about 3 million to 10 million. That's why it is important to see what it serves, where it serves, how it serves and how it affects traffic. According to him, a feasibility study has to be explained and explained. And to discuss and resolve this issue with all the components of the right city.


Günceleme: 03/12/2018 17:25

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