IMM Organized a 'Smart City Workshop'

smart city organized by ibb
smart city organized by ibb

Organized by IMM 'Smart City Workshop' was held; N Smart City Workshop ”organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Department of Intelligent City Directorate 8 was held on November Friday at Florya Crowne Plaza Hotel with the participation of national and international technology giants.

Turkey and the workshop lasted all day with the participation of companies developing smart urban planning technologies in the world, Istanbul's Smart Cities Transforming the way location in the map Intelligent Urbanization, Objects internet (IOT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Analytical Solutions products and services developed by the company that issues discussed in detail.

IMM, affiliated companies; ISBAK, Isttelkom, Belbim, ISKI, IETT and many technology companies participated in the workshop, technology companies can offer to the people of Istanbul the latest value-added technology products and services were introduced.

Technology Giants Share Their Experience and Products

In his opening speech, Erol ÖZGÜNER, Head of Computing Department, gave information about IMM's view of Smart City Technologies in the new period, the positions that IMM will take in this process and how they plan to offer technology integrated services to the citizens of Istanbul. He stated that all technological investments in the new period are planned to improve the quality of life of the people of Istanbul. Özgüner underlined that the investments to be made are public investments and therefore they want to make the right decision by listening to all product owners in technological product selections.

Later,  IMM and all participants, Smart City Planning, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Analytical Solutions were enriched with the presentations of international technology giants such as Amazon, Google, ATOS and Huawei, as well as the presentations of leading companies such as Koç Digital and Turkcell and technological infrastructure of our country. issues exchanged views. The companies mentioned the new technological solutions and the benefits of using them in IMM.

In the workshop, IoT Platform components for Istanbul, layers, services, city approaches, areas to cooperate with IMM and possible gains of IMM were discussed, while the difficulties in implementing the systems in Istanbul were brought to the agenda.

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