Mersin Metro is Not Just a Transportation Project

mersin metro is not only a transportation project
mersin metro is not only a transportation project

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, the press conference held by the metro project, the first day to be held in Hal, the sample village project, the newly established coastal police unit, the new buses to be taken to the landscape master plan has made many evaluations.

“Metro is not just a transportation project”

Mayor Seçer stated that the metro, which is one of the most important development projects of Mersin, is not only a transportation project.

President Seçer stated that the Metro Project, which is included in the 2019 investment plan, will be transferred to Mersin by using modern technology. kazanEmphasizing that the project should be approved, he said: “The metro project is a controversial project. We scrutinize very carefully. Notice I said this is a political decision. I always say that its economy is debatable. We have to look at it this way, we are building the 50 years of the future. We are planning the 70 years, 80 years and even 100 years of the future. How will the public transportation service I provide or the subject I prefer be integrated into the existing system? Will it only be a public transportation activity, or will it benefit the development of the city? I have to calculate them," he said.

“Metro is not just a public transport project”

Metro project to the city kazanDrawing attention to the added values ​​that it will increase, Seçer stated that the project is a project that will help the city breathe in the need of parking as well as transportation, and said, “I said it at the meeting with the shopkeepers of the bazaar. Metro is not just a public transportation project. It is a development project of Mersin city. Of course, these are new generation subways. We need to build fifty years. Look at the Paris subway, look at the London subway, look at the Berlin subway. It was made 10 years ago, you have to look at it like this. We obtain important income sources through the metro. 15 stations. Regions with 15 stations. Underground car parks. I'm working hard on the subway. The President also signed it. This is an important situation. Included in the 2019 investment program. If this had not been done, I would not have been able to move. It was included in the 2019 investment program and we were able to start working immediately. We are assertive and sincere here. We will achieve an important result, we will achieve a good result.” he said.

Buying new bus 100

Saying that the Parkomat application will come into service after 2 months, Seçer said that the majority of women will be recruited for Parkomat.

Upon the demands of the citizens, 100 gave the good news that they will expand their bus fleets by taking new public transportation buses and that they will make 500 stops and said: dik We have decided to buy 100 new buses. We have completed all the processes. Trial process is over, technical analysis is over. We are currently preparing specification. We are going to tender until 10 day. After 6 months, they will be delivered. These are gas buses. We're building the new parking lot. We also need a gas station. It will be implemented in our bus project. There is also a lot of demand for bus stops. We have about 2000 shortages. We do it in workshops. 500 tender specifications have been prepared. 500 stall will open urgently by auction. We will complete our 2000 need for years, especially starting from regions with more dense population. ”

In order to maximize the safety of the buses, they will be transferred to the Mobile NVR System. Mayor Seçer said that the application is valid not only in the municipal bus but also in minibuses and public buses.

“Helicopter is a major problem”

Selecting the helicopter is an important problem within the Metropolitan Municipality, Seçer said:

“The helicopter is an important problem for us. 3 million 600 thousand pounds cost us. Let's use it, rent it out, it won't. Let's sell it, it's not. Sometimes we rent it out. It's expensive because of the lining. Every month about 300 thousand, 350 thousand TL goes from us. 30 comes in a thousand pounds, but 30 thousand pounds is so valuable that for us, we are faced with such a situation ”

Seçer, Sucular and Homeland cemeteries related to the construction work said:

“It's all over the place of the waterfalls. I'm revising the project. Construction of this has begun. So now the 50 year cemetery in Tarsus solved the problem. Homeland Central cemetery construction is also in the final stage. His process will be finished in a very short time ”

First nursery comes for women working in Hal

Stating that the first of the nurseries he promised during the election period will be made for women working in Hal, Seçer said, “We are doing it in Hal. Interesting, but it is. Because the most victim women work there. From morning to evening, he comes with a diaper, he leaves the child there or goes to the field, orange, tomato, greenhouse. There are new shops we have built there. We immediately canceled two shop projects. We turned the nursery and talked to the contractor. Now it is done. We will process it, "he said.

Bulun Find your Vahap president for your charity work, such as nursery and girls' dormitory ”

Underlining that the construction of nursery and girls' dormitory is important for the future of the country, President Seçer also called on philanthropists through the meeting. Addressing the citizens who will do charity works such as nursery and girls' dormitories, Mayor Seçer said, orum I want to address the citizens through this meeting. Helping people is a different feeling. Allah does not grant everyone. Everyone can be rich, but not everyone. This is heart work. I appeal to those courageous people, if we have such projects, immediately find the President of Wahhab. Do not worry, every opportunity we provide, every penny, will go to the needy. The assurance of this is my honor, my honor. I'm waiting for the sensitivity of these people. Especially nursery construction, the construction of girls' dormitory is very important. Children also begin education when they are not at 7 years old, but still at arson. We need to take care of those kids. I also urge our fellow citizens to work on this issue..

Mayor Seçer stated that they have asked for the contribution of 71 from the Governor's Office regarding the Suspension and Restoration of the Historic Karamancılar Mansion, another project of interest.

Iz We will create an enormous landscape ”

Mayor Seçer said that they made a Master Plan on the landscape of the city and said, “Where we have plants, what we need to do. In other words, we will buy plants that are resistant to the climate and ecology of the region. We do their work. We will create an enormous landscape. Now the latest system in the medics will be watered digitally. We will no longer see the grass dry. You will see a beautiful landscape projection. Belirt

“We will make an exemplary village project in Darısekisi Village”

Mayor Seçer stated that they have important projects for the Mersin countryside and gave details of the project as follows:

“We will make an exemplary village project in Darısekisi Village. Work continues. Our friends visit these places very often and start the practice and they will spread this after building the example village. Feeding people where they were born. It is very important to connect people to life there ”

Coast Guard unit established

Shares are informed that they have tightened the controls and established a new unit, the Coast Guard, to ensure that the ships on the shore do not pollute the environment and the sea. Seç 210 has a fine of 23 million 395 thousand TL per day. We'il put it under strict control. We've established the Coast Guard. We call it the Marine Corps. Not before us. We built it. We're making new police purchases. Firefighters and police are being renewed. Tools, tools, everything. By Staff. We strive to recruit younger, more dynamic, more fit staff there. ”

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