Single, Against the Removal of Minibuses on GMK Boulevard

President of Mersin Chamber of Minibuses, Aziz Biricik, with the arrival of the rail system, minibuses and GMK boulevard were removed against the removal. Stating that they have been working on GMK Boulevard for many years, Biricik said, belirten It is not meaningful to be a victim of these people. Against the artillery tradesman

President of Mersin Chamber of Minibuses, Aziz Biricik, evaluated the transportation crisis in the city. Biricik connecting the transportation crisis in the city to the wrong policies of the Metropolitan Municipality, during the decisions taken on the transportation of thousand 100 members asked to consult the dolmuşçu tradesman.

”If GMK is closed, we will be in our bread!“

With the rail system project, which will start infrastructure works in Mersin in the coming days, minibuses and buses on Gazi Mustafa Kemal (GMK) Boulevard will be removed. Burhanettin Kocamaz, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality who said that the traffic to the city will be relieved with the decision, said, ağ Thousands of vehicles are returning to the city in Mersin. They're the locks of traffic. Of course, all three of them have to be combined to return to the bus. That's how we need to reduce the number. The rail system is very important for that. Upon completion of the rail system, the GMK will not be occupied nor will municipal buses remain. Only the rail system will serve there. Our friends ask, 'Is that route correct?' I know what you know. I'm not a traffic engineer, and you're not. The experts of the work themselves identified this by counting and 440 within the Transport Master Plan. Peripheral Highway, Okan Merzeci Boulevard was identified as transit route. GMK Boulevard is the region where people move most. Set for the rail system. The other minibuses and buses will serve as collectors. But the GMK will only appeal to the rail system. Ama


President of the Chamber of Minibuses in Turkey, Biricik, who served thousands of people in the city of minibuses with rail system on the GMK Boulevard reacted to the removal. Biricik stated that the problem will be solved with the expansion and modernization of the stops causing blockage on GMK Boulevard, olan We have been working on that line for years. People who do public transportation do not have the right? These people have a family, not a pity they have children. There is no point in making these people suffer. Why is this hostility against the dolmuşçu tradesman? The only problem is that our two stops are narrow. If these pauses are expanded and the entry of civilian vehicles is blocked, the problem disappears. If the pinned regions of Pozcu Post Office and Forum Station are expanded, the infrastructure will be corrected. We had the same problem at Yaşat Durağı. The problem was widened and the problem disappeared.


In order to reduce the number of vehicles in the city center, the Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz opposed the idea of ​​converting minibuses to buses and converting them into buses, Biricik said, Bur We are against it. We've all renewed our vehicles. We had a camera system installed on our vehicles. We have E-plates in the city. These plates are a right granted by the Ministry of Interior. We can't penetrate this right. Everyone has a job for him. We have been serving the city since 1988 with the decision of the Ministry. We don't have a chance to get together and get a bus. Tradesmen are also very uncomfortable. This is a hostility against the dolmuş artisans. There is an imposition without questioning the tradesman. These kinds of decisions are not consulted. City Council decisions are taken. Even in the determination of the stop pockets on the route, our opinion is not taken. If we are consulted, we will help the municipality Bize.

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