Istanbul Airport Library Opened

istanbul airport terminal opened
istanbul airport terminal opened

Minister Ersoy, who opened the Istanbul Airport Library, took the first book from the library and received the late Prof. Dr.. Dr. He flew to Antalya with A. Haluk Dursun's work "Journey to the Ottoman Geography".

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy: “We continue with a new library concept. You can leave here to read the book or books with you in your city ends in Turkey after you get here can be delivered to any library. "

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy opened the Istanbul Airport Library, which was put into service at the Istanbul Airport Domestic Terminal.

Minister Ersoy, who cut the opening ribbon of the library to the Istanbul Airport Civil Authority with Ahmet Önal and IGA Airport Enterprise Chief Executive Officer Kadri Samsunlu, visited the library.

Receiving the first book from the library, Ersoy, the late Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, to deliver to any library in Antalya. Dr. He flew to Antalya with A. Haluk Dursun's work "Journey to the Ottoman Geography".

Minister Ersoy, in his speech at the opening ceremony of the library, said that Istanbul Airport was among the biggest in the world and that it was in Istanbul at a time when aviation was developing rapidly.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that the airport, which is said to be unavailable, was put into service in a very short time and in front of the specified dates. a big airport. It's actually a living town. It is very crowded as a population. Millions of people are doing this airport entrance and exit from Turkey. Millions of people come here and continue to a different city in the world, again without getting inside this airport. ” he spoke.

These characteristics, taking into account the airport's opening 1 years before IGA executives and they designed dreamed many projects to assess the best way that value for Turkey, the Minister emphasized Ersoy said they had them in life.

coming to Istanbul, then stating that they aimed to introduce Turkey to another city to ongoing passenger Minister Ersoy in the airport free of Turkey's natural and cultural riches, sea, sand, sun, and said they have begun an intensive introduction to the ruins.

Minister Ersoy continued as follows: “This affects a lot. It is implemented for the first time in Turkey to add value to our passengers who like to read on the domestic route and who want to spend their time at the airport by reading. We continue with a new library concept. You can read and leave the book here, or you can take the book you bought here with you and deliver it to any library in the city you are flying to in Turkey. We are giving you an opportunity to read the rest of your book, which you will read on the plane without getting bored, and read it to the end. Our third service will be activated. The protocol was completed last week with its details. Especially after passing through the passport, we are launching a thousand square meter museum on a cleared area. We will hold the investment tender for this in a month and hopefully put it into service in the 2020 season. Especially the passengers who come to Turkey and leave without going inside are also there. kazanWe are thinking of May. In terms of content, we will change it every 6 months. It will be a concept that reflects all the values ​​of Anatolia. We also developed a fourth project during the brainstorming at these meetings. We will turn other areas of the airport into points with Turkey's historical assets, with glass-front kiosks. From the moment they step into Istanbul Airport until the moment they exit again, they will walk inside the airport, being informed about Turkey's historical artifacts, culture and archeology.”

Presenting a book of Fuat Sezgin, one of the world's leading names in the history of science, to the library, Minister Ersoy, Istanbul Technical University Faculty Members who put forward the idea of ​​the library project, Assoc. Dr. He gave a plaque to Hatice Ayatac and Murat Ayatac.

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, who died in a traffic accident in Erciş District of Van. Dr. He also examined the books of Ahmet Haluk Dursun in the library.

2 Thousand 550 Artifacts in the Library

In the library, which will be the cultural resting point where passengers can spend time, a total of 350 thousand 500 publications including a thousand 150 literature, 50 children, 500 English, 2 magazines and 550 Nobel Prize-winning literary works will be available.

Passengers who receive service from the library at the domestic connection point can borrow books on their domestic flights on condition of membership. Users can borrow their books, the book return box at Istanbul Airport Arrivals Passengers will be able to deliver to any department or public libraries in Turkey.

The library, which provides services in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and IGA, will be open between 06.30-23.30. 6 ministry staff were assigned to the library where IGA provided the infrastructure with its allocation.

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