Istanbulkart and Credit Card Payment Period Has Started in İSPARK

isparkta card payment period has begun
isparkta card payment period has begun

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluThe project, which was announced by Istanbulkart and credit card in İSPARK, started to be implemented on 1 October. Over 16 thousand drivers used the application, which offers easy and advantageous payment opportunities, in 40 days.

ISPARK, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which provides services to citizens with a capacity of 100 thousand vehicles every day, introduced card payment options. İSPARK's open, multi-storey and on-road car parks throughout the city can now be paid by İstanbulkart and credit card.

The application, which provides drivers with great convenience and advantage, is applied in all ISPARKs. 31 Drivers who use İSPARK car parks until December will be able to benefit from 10 percent when they pay with İstanbulkart and 5 percent when they pay by credit card.


1 Card payment application, which started in October, attracted great interest from the drivers since it eliminates the need to pay cash. İstanbul Card and credit card usage of the drivers using İSPARK parking lots increased significantly. On 16 days, over 40 transactions took place.

İSPARK General Manager Murat Çakır said, “Our first aim at İSPARK is to realize technological transformation. As the first step of this transformation, we adopted the diversification of our payment systems. ”

İSPARK aims to facilitate the lives of drivers while increasing the service quality by offering technological innovations to the service of Istanbul residents to accelerate the entrance and exit of the parking lots.

isparkta card payment period has begun
isparkta card payment period has begun

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