NGOs Decide on Joint Movement for Samsun Sarp Railway Line

CSOs Decided to Joint Action for Samsun Sarp Railway Line: CSO heads of Eastern Black Sea provinces stated that they agreed on Samsun-Sarp Railway Project which is of great importance for the development of the region.

The CSO heads of the Eastern Black Sea provinces expressed their agreement on the Samsun-Sarp Railway Project, which is of great importance for the development of the region. The CSO chairmen who make evaluations about the project argue that the Samsun Sarp Railway Project, which is complementary to the ongoing projects, should be put into operation as soon as possible. Deputy Prime Minister Giresun Deputy Nurettin Canikli and Deputy Prime Minister Army Deputy Numan Kurtulmuş also supported this project as a result of the joint action of the CSO Presidents and Politicians in our region, the way seems to be more real.

Şaban Aziz Karamehmetoğlu, Chairman of Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry: A Project Too Late
Unfortunately, the only left back in Turkey's railway bölgesiyiz. This area is sentenced to the highway. Our ports will be a logistics top by rail. Arrival and departure will be easier and economical. This will happen with more people coming to this region. I believe that the region will have overcome its fate with the railway project and will open the door to economic development.

Muammer Atılgan, President of Rize Tradesmen Chambers: High Speed ​​Train = Rapid Development
Our government is carrying out unimaginable projects on transportation. Now we very rightly expect the high speed train to happen very urgently. I believe this project will fly the region. Thousands of buses from the Eastern Black Sea carry passengers from Istanbul to Ankara with 40-50 people. Invasion of highway trucks. The railway will also take the burden of the road and make a huge economic contribution to the region.

Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Suat Hacısalihoğlu: The Most Important Project Railway
Unfortunately, the railway has not come from the republic until today. We are experiencing the absence of this. When the railway arrives, the region will make a leap. All of our ports will be logistics top. Trade and economy will thus revive. This will be reflected in the people of the region. It will be the salvation of our region.

Metin Kara, President of Chamber of Tradesmen of Trabzon: The Single Liberation of the Region
Our region is having problems in transportation even to the nearest provinces. Today, from Trabzon to Rize, Artvin, Ordu, Giresun or vice versa, from Ordu to Rize, if it is easy to travel to Trabzon, this will have a direct contribution to our tradesmen in terms of social life and trade. The most urgent need of our region is the high speed train.

Artvin Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Kurtul Özel: Transportation Big Problem
Transportation in our region is a huge problem. Therefore, coming and going is an issue in itself. Artvin Turkey in the mind of many people. They want to come, see. However, this left no other option than the road. This is a difficult journey that is not very economical. However, when the high speed train arrives in this region, I believe that our current tourism potential will endure 3, 5 and 10. This will be reflected in our economy, trade. In addition, Artvin faster, faster, more economical way to Istanbul, Ankara, Trabzon, Samsun will go. Of course, we want this to happen as soon as possible, we wish.

Demirhan Elçin, President of Artvin Chamber of Tradesmen: Imaginative Even Very Beautiful
We are at the corner farthest Turkey. Transportation is very, very important for us. The arrival of the high-speed train in this area is a terrible event. Even his imagination excites us. Artvin and its districts are in urgent need of this project. I hope the politicians of the region do not ignore this demand. We're 21. We want to take advantage of this opportunity of the century.

Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Hasan Cakirmelikoglu: Our destiny will change by rail
Republic of Turkey, the only region where the arrival of the railroad in the eastern Black Sea. In this region, the railway will play an important role in both logistics and human transport. When the arrival and departure of the region is easy, a more intensive tourism and trade movement will be experienced. This will have a positive impact on the region's economy. I think the fate of the region will change by rail. We expect it to be very urgent.

Giresun Chamber of Tradesmen Ali Kara: The liberation of the Black Sea railway
Although our airport has been realized, the railway is also a very important need of the region. The Eastern Black Sea region is unfortunately deprived of it. However, this project should have been realized years ago. It's too late. Railway means rapid development, rapid development means rapid prosperity. This means the liberation of the region.

Servet Şahin, President of Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry: The way of regional development: railway
The Eastern Black Sea railway project is a very, very important project. This is a project that will change the fate of the region and make economic contributions to the region. Arrival by speed train will be very easy and economical. This will make it easier for people to travel. Therefore, it will contribute to the economy of all provinces in the Eastern Black Sea. I say railroad.

President of Ordu Chamber of Tradesmen Aydın Bostancı: The Most Important Problem Fast and Economic Transportation
I support this project to the end. The railway extending from Samsun to steep will make a great contribution to the economy of the region. Today our region is in an economic dilemma, our trades are miserable. There are businesses that close every day. unfortunately, the situation is bad. We should add new projects to this trend. I believe that the region will make an economic attack with the railway project and contribute to the welfare of the region.

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  1. It should be thought of as Samsun-Batum, not Samsun-Sarp. This also means the coming of Industry to Rize, Trabzon and Samsun. Because the railway to be connected to Batumi connects the Eastern Black Sea to China.

  2. This should be the Trabzon Gumushane Bayburt Erzurum route if connecting to the Black Sea.

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