141 Million 350 Thousand Vehicles Used These Intersections

these intersections used million thousand vehicles
these intersections used million thousand vehicles

The 6 bridge junction, recently commissioned by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, has used 141 million 350 thousand vehicles to date. allowing the citizens to make millions of pounds of fuel savings won Denizli, Turkey and the giant transport investments.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which started the revolution in this area in the last period in order to solve the transportation problem, which is among the greatest needs of Denizli, has a triangular interchange, Zeybek Interchange, Hal Bridge Interchange, Müfide Tekin Ada Interchange and Industrial Connection Bridge. especially in the future. Denizli said will breakthrough transportation projects are playing a major role in achieving a traffic sustainable city, said interchange has enabled millions of pounds in fuel savings of Denizli and Turkey, the safety of life took to the extreme. Triangle Bridge Junctions, Zeybek Bridge Junction, Hal Bridge Junction, Müfide Tekin Island Bridge Junction, Bozburun Bridge Junction and Industrial Connection Bridge have made 141 million 350 thousand vehicles. Giant transportation investments and millions of pounds of fuel savings were provided, while the waiting time in traffic lost much more efficiently used by citizens lost.

Record crossings at Triangle Crossroads

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which is one of the biggest transportation investments brought to the city by the triangular crossroads, was the point of passing the most vehicles among these investments. 17 million 71 thousand vehicles have passed through Triangle Crossroads that have been serving in Denizli for nearly 400 months. 31 million 29 thousand from Zeybek Interchange serving for 750 month, 16 million from Hal Köprülü Interchange serving 24 month, 21 million 8 thousand from Xburium Crossroad serving 820 month, 17 million serving from 6 month 630 million 37 thousand and 750 month serving Müfide Tekin Island Bridge Junction XNUMX thousand vehicles were detected.

Sample investments in transportation

While Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has provided 16 crossroads and 14 pedestrian crossings to the city so far for uninterrupted and safe traffic, the 100% local and national Traffic Management System it has recently implemented is the new ring road, car parks, smart intersections, 50 meters wide at Üçler Mevkii. New Street, Stadium Junction, Akhan bend arrangement, such as the vital points in many vital touches made.

Better quality, comfortable and safe transportation

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that they continue to work day and night to provide better quality, comfortable and safe transportation opportunities for their citizens. Emphasizing that they have made numerous transportation investments such as ring roads, crossroads, junction arrangements, Mayor Osman Zolan said, “We continue to work with our strength to leave permanent works to our submarine. We strive to do permanent work, not daily. I hope we will continue to do this together. Because our people deserve the best of everything, the most beautiful. ” President Zolan said that 6 million 141 thousand vehicles have used 350 bridge junction, which they have recently taken into service, and said: In this way, our country's millions of pounds of fuel imports were prevented. Therefore, our sea and our country won. ”