8 Lanes of Denizli's New Ring Road Opened to Traffic


The New Ring Road, which is 50 meters wide, completed by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, was opened to traffic with a ceremony. The vehicle, which was first used by the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, passed through the road, which is likened to the airport with a total of 4 lanes, 4 + 8, 2 parking areas, bicycle roads and wide sidewalks. With the New Ring Road connecting Ali Marım Boulevard to Hal Köprülü Crossroad, tens of thousands of vehicles will not enter the city center.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has received great appreciation with the transportation projects it has put into service, has commissioned the New Ring Road connecting the Ali Marım Boulevard to the Hal Köprülü intersection. The ceremony was attended by Denizli Governor Hasan Karahan, AK Party Deputy Chairperson Cahit Özkan, AK Party Denizli Deputy Şahin tin, Ahmet Yıldız and Nilgün Ök, Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan, AK Party Denizli Province President Necip Filiz, MHP Denizli Province President Cafer Birtürk, guests and a large number of citizens participated. President Osman Zolan, who made the opening speech of the ceremony, which started with a stand of respect and reading the National Anthem, said that the number of vehicles in Denizli in 2004 was 134 thousand, and today this number increased to 417 thousand, and the number of vehicles increased more than 15 times in 3 years.

“We have made 16 bridges to date”

Stating that they have made many investments in terms of transportation, President Osman Zolan said, “We have made 16 bridged junctions so far and provided relief in traffic with many junction arrangements. Today, we are opening new ways, as we will open. We are proud to be the first in Turkey, we use local and national Traffic Management System. We got our reward associated with it also in Turkey. However, it is not about getting reward, it's about meeting the needs of our nation and eliminating the trouble. ” Pointing out that many vehicles will be saved from entering the city center with the New Ring Road, therefore, citizens will travel comfortably and without wasting time, President Zolan said, “We also made our Hal Junction by foreseeing that this road will be opened. This road connects to Hal Junction and reaches Ankara - İzmir Boulevards and Bozburun Junction. ”

Warning to drivers: “This road is not a racetrack”

Drawing attention to the fact that the infrastructure was also built on the entire road, President Osman Zolan said, “There is a 4, 4 project that has been considered in every aspect. I hope it will be auspicious to our city. May Allah not cause accident and trouble. We encourage our drivers to drive their vehicles carefully. This road is comfortable, wide but this is not a racetrack. By paying attention to these issues, our citizens should use them well. I hope the traffic that will pass over our city will come here. ” President Zolan continued his speech as follows: “We will one day pass through this world. The important thing is to leave a trail behind. The main thing is to leave behind. We are in his effort. We are striving to eliminate the troubles of our nation in the service of our nation. If we can do this for a while, we consider ourselves happy. ”

“We are opening the great works”

Deputy Ök wished that the New Ring Road would be auspicious and said, “Our Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan touched every point of the city. I would like to thank our president Osman Zolan and his entire team. May Allah grant our citizens to use this way without accident, ”he said. Deputy Yıldız said, “We are having another honor every day, our mayors make us proud. We also represent our city in Ankara accordingly. The deputies of each province are not so lucky. We are opening the great works. I congratulate our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Osman Zolan and thank him and his team ”.

“We can't catch up with the openings”

Deputy Tin said that the way they will open is very wide and therefore resembles the airport, saying, “God bless my president. He touched all over the city and put it into the service of the people. This is a good race. It is very nice to put it on what is done. We are unable to open the facilities they built anywhere in our sea. I would like to thank our president Osman Zolan and everyone who contributed. ” Group Vice President Özkan said, “Our love is Denizli. Our aim here today is to share our enthusiasm and excitement by coming together with you, our precious citizens. I sincerely thank you for being a partner to this excitement. In democracies, those who bring these staffs to work are the main owners of the services. Therefore, you have provided these services to our valued citizens. ”

“Denizli looks more beautiful”

Governor Karahan stated that the New Ring Road is a very good service and said, “Denizli looks better with the roads in the form of an airport runway. Transportation problems are solved one by one. I thank those who contributed. May Allah grant to do good services in the way of our nation. ” After the speech, the opening of the road was done with prayers. The vehicle, which was first used by the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, passed through the road, which was likened to the airport with a total of 4 lanes, 4 + 8, 2 parking areas, bicycle roads and wide sidewalks. Mayor Zolan was accompanied by Governor Karahan, MP Tin and Ök.

New Ring Road

1200 Evler, Yenişehir, Justice, Gümüşler, Üçler, Göveçlik, Yenişafak, Hisar, Hallaçlar, Barutçular, Bereketar, Çakmak, Kadılar and dozens of neighborhoods in Karahasanlı region with the New Ring Road linking Ali Marım Boulevard to Hal Junction and from here to Ankara road safely. Tens of thousands of vehicles to enter the city center to save the New Ring Road, will reduce the traffic density significantly. The 50 meter-wide New Ring Road, 4 route, 4 arrival, 2 parking area, bicycle path and bus pockets. In both directions, there is also the 3 smart junction on the ring road where the sidewalk is located.

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