Metropolitan Mobilization in Transportation Networks

mobilization in transportation networks
mobilization in transportation networks

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, the city center in the sub-and superstructure work is nearing the end. Providing a connection between the PTT and the Police Department, İsmetpaşa Street and Palandöken State Hospital, the Metropolitan Municipality carried out a feverish study in the center until it reached the connection roads, and asphalt work on these routes simultaneously. In addition to widening the road at some points, the Metropolitan also gave priority to pedestrian priority traffic applications and brought the roads, which were given an aesthetic appearance with new pavement and tile stones, to a qualified asphalt.


Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen stated that the infrastructure and superstructure works that have been continuing in the city center for a while have been completed to a great extent. Noting that the Metropolitan Municipality has completely renewed the connection road between the PTT-Police Department and Palandöken State Hospital among the superstructure and transportation network works continuing all over the city, Mayor Sekmen shared the information that the work here has been completed by 95 percent. President Sekmen made the following assessment on the subject: “We have done a thorough renovation of many of our transportation networks in the city center. By updating our roads in line with the needs and expectations, we raised their standards substantially. In this context, in addition to the road connecting Palandöken State Hospital and Saray Bosna Street, we also brought a brand new look to the Police Department - PTT connection road connected to this route. We renewed the pavements, paved them with tiles, and turned all of these routes to a highly qualified asphalt. We continue to add value to Erzurum with our work in this and many other areas. "

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