DHL 50 is the Founder of Fast Air Transport Industry

founder of fast air transport sector
founder of fast air transport sector

DHL 1969, founded by three friends who set out in 50 with the idea of ​​transferring cargo ships' cargo documents by air in their hand luggage. celebrating his age. As the representative of innovative logistics for half a century, the company has pioneered the industry today and continues to facilitate global trade with its network in the 220 country and region.

Soon after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn developed a revolutionary idea of ​​transferring cargo shipment documents by air in hand luggage. This meant that the customs procedures for the cargo could begin before the ships arrived at their destination, thereby shortening the waiting times at the port considerably. The idea also marked the beginning of a brand-new industry, international fast air transport and DHL's unique journey.

50 Deutsche Post DHL Group, which has become one of the leading logistics companies in the world today, is working to facilitate the daily and private lives of people with its innovative logistics and transportation solutions. John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express, is the 50 of the company and the fast air transport industry. In his assessment of

Olarak As a company, we are pleased to see that we have made a lasting impact on the sector with many services we have developed to date. We test and implement innovative technologies throughout the supply chain to make delivery and shipping processes as efficient as possible and to support our employees in their business conduct. In addition to using augmented reality and robotic solutions in the supply chain, I am proud to have found new ways to deliver especially to hard-to-reach delivery areas. For example, our autonomous DHL package drone allows us to deliver fast medication to a remote island on Lake Victoria, and a customer in China regularly receives important documents twice a day. In addition, StreetScooter, which we developed and produced on our own, has enabled us to take the first steps to solve the problems facing the future of the logistics sector and environmental protection. Çev

Pearson: “This year we will plant a total of 1 million trees worldwide”

Pointing out that Deutsche Post DHL Group also plays a pioneering role in environmental protection, Pearson touched upon the zero emission target in 2050 and said, “This important milestone on behalf of our Group is based on both the ambitious interim targets we have set for ourselves for the year 2025 and Zero Emission. X 2050 within the scope of our sustainability strategy. I am confident that we will be able to reach it successfully thanks to the many campaigns and events launched as part of our anniversary. 50. We organized many events in many countries within the scope of our year celebrations. For us, however, the most striking event of the year was Bryan Adams' tree planting campaign as part of the “Shine A Light” tour, which we accompanied him as his official logistics partner. Together we want to take an exemplary attitude towards climate protection; In collaboration with Bryan Adams, the Arbor Day Foundation, Plant-for-the Planet, WeForest and Taking Root, we promised to plant a tree for every concert ticket sold. This year we will plant a million trees worldwide. ”

Lassen: “50. One of the most important investments in our years in Turkey "

The DHL Express Turkey CEO Claus Lassen, they started operations in 1981 in Turkey and said 38 they have years of history, "Since its inception as a facilitator of global trade, we are connecting Turkey to the world. Company exports almost offer comprehensive products and services to make it as easy as doing business in Turkey. In addition, our company globally 50. year at a time when the celebration, We are pleased to be performing one of the most important investments in Turkey. We are planning to open our new operations center at Istanbul Airport, which is an investment of 135 million in total and is currently under construction. Hizmet

DHL's 50 year

DHL, 2019 1969 is the company's founding by three entrepreneurs in San Francisco at 50. New Year. DHL broke the molds of the traditional delivery sector with an innovative new service that ruled out bureaucracy to deliver documents by air in a short period of time. Since then, DHL has grown into a global family of DHL companies with nearly 220 thousand employees in the country and region, covering the entire range of logistics and supply chain services. DHL's customer-centric and solution-driven culture 380 has been the fuel of innovation throughout the year; From DHL 50, one of the first word processing computers in the world, from DHL Group, developed by Deutsche Post DHL Group, to StreetScooter, a custom-made, environmentally friendly delivery vehicle powered by electricity, DHL, with its commitment to achieve “1000” emissions by the group until 2050. continues to lead the logistics sector.

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