festive atmosphere is blowing in izmir korfez
35 Izmir

Festival is blowing in Izmir Bay

İzmir Gulf Festival, which will be organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality on 27-29 September, brings concerts, performances and other enjoyable activities together with sailing races. The third time this year [more…]

renovation work on the anatolian highway
41 Kocaeli

Renovation Work on Anatolian Motorway

The Ankara direction of the Anatolian Highway, between Izmit East Junction and Adapazarı toll booths, will be closed to traffic between 15-2019 until 21.00 October 06.00 due to superstructure repair and renovation works. made by the governor's office [more…]

Channel Istanbul Route
34 Istanbul

Current Channel Istanbul Route

Channel Istanbul Route: The EIA Application File of Kanal Istanbul, which was introduced by President Erdogan under the name 'Crazy Project' in 2011, was approved and the EIA process for the project started. 5 previously offered routes [more…]

mobilization in transportation networks
25 Erzurum

Metropolitan Mobilization in Transportation Networks

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, the city center in the substructure and superstructure works approached the end. It is in the center until reaching the connection roads of İsmetpaşa Street and Palandöken State Hospital from the road that provides connection to PTT and Police Department. [more…]