Sezgin Motor, Domestic and National Electric Car Engine Demands to Produce

sezgin motor domestic and national electric car engine aspire to produce
sezgin motor domestic and national electric car engine aspire to produce

The engine is the locomotive of the industry. No vehicle can move without the engine. Muzaffer Sezgin is one of the people who understands the importance of the engine and wants to serve his country.

SEZGİN MOTOR factory, located in Elazığ, manufactures many engines from unmanned aerial vehicles to automobiles with national facilities. who aspire to be the engine of Turkey's domestic automakers and currently the company started the test by taking the agenda helicopter engines, the US 30 thousand UAV engine, though a foreign car factories has demanded 5 thousand engine.

Sezgin Water Engines Production Marketing Company started its activities in 1991 in Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone. In the commercial field, Sezgin submersible pumps, Sezgin solar systems, Sezgin pumps, Sezgin engine types, circulation pumps, Sezgin booster and stainless steel vertical shaft pump and ZCM pump production. So far, more than one million 10 engines have been produced in this factory.

Oil-cooled, windable type 4 is the first manufacturer of submersible pump electric motor in our country. 30 has reached a very important level in electric motor production with its years of experience. For years Arçelik produced electric motors as a sub-industry. Exports submersible motors to Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Lebanon and India. Continuously developing itself with R & D has become an important factory sought today.

With its R & D and working team, the company is one of the best motor factories in the world, while 12 also exports to the country. Aircraft engine Savar Turkish Armed Forces, the US UAV engine, an automobile factory to produce car engine company still wants to make electric motors in Turkey's domestic automakers.

Although the factory currently has the capacity to produce 500 engines per day, it can increase this number up to 1.400 when they operate at full capacity and 40 can produce thousand engines per month. To date, 10 has produced more than a million motors, as well as a new generation of brushless DC motors in the developing world. The factory manufactures subcontractors for a very large company in Germany.

SEZGİN MOTOR is capable of producing all kinds of engines in engine types. 2 type engine is produced in vehicle engines. The first type is the old generation copper injection induction motors and the other is the new generation reluctance, synchronous and BLDC electric motors. All of them can produce in this factory.

In addition, according to the order rocket engine, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Engine, Anti-Aircraft Rotating Motors, Elevator engine, special frequency controlled circulation pump also produces. In other words, it is fully programmable in the new generation of engines, you can also run a pump remotely with the phone in your pocket at any time.

Turkey's first Electric Motor Technology R & D center was established here last year and started to work with 18 engineer.

Finally, Sezgin Motor AŞ., Qatar company Bader Motor Teknolojileri AŞ. 20 on December 2017 signed a partnership protocol. The foundation of Bader Motor Technology Factory, which was established jointly by Elazığlı Sezgin Motor and Qatar Flora Group, was laid. Established with 30 million dollar investment in the factory, Turkey's leading company in the coming two big refrigerators will be produced engine. With the planned production of one million units per year, engine imports will decrease by 70 percent. In the coming days, production of electric vehicles, high speed trains, helicopters, domestic UAV engines and solar storage batteries are planned.

Dr İlhami Pektaş

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