Volkswagen's Mind Left in Bursa

volkswagenin mind fell on the scholarship
volkswagenin mind fell on the scholarship

The first statement… Deputy Prime Minister AK Party Bursa Deputy Prime Minister and Human Rights Investigation Commission Chairman Hakan Cavusoglu made. We also announced the hint release at 27 February 2019:
“A major European automotive manufacturer wants to build a factory in Bursa. His efforts to locate him are continuing. ”
31 In March, we shared with the following lines that Volkswagen is the world's largest automotive manufacturer company:
Located between the world automotive giant Volkswagen also wants to do in Bursa in Turkey due to the infrastructure of the factory plans to produce cars.
In this direction, some steps have been taken and the first contacts with relevant institutions and organizations in Bursa has been established and the search for a suitable place begins.
In the search for a factory location in Bursa, it was discussed that TEKNOSAB first came to the fore and then focused on a center close to transportation networks.
So what…
Referring to the President of the Presidency Investment Office Ali Ermut, Volkswagen was informed that the old Opel factory was proposed in Torbalı, İzmir.
19 In June, we emphasized that Volkswagen's eye is in Bursa because of the automotive infrastructure.
trying to decide between before Turkey-Bulgaria-Romania, after the Seat and Skoda chooses to Turkey to produce vehicles Volkswagen's address was Manisa
In this decision…
Of course redirects are effective. The most important reason for those referrals is:
“There are two major automobile manufacturer factories in Bursa. If the third automobile manufacturer comes, there may be negativity in terms of inter-factory competition. ”
As far as we understand…
It is thought that existing car factories in Bursa may be affected negatively due to employee and supplier competition. For this reason, the most suitable place was decided in Manisa.
This decision Bu
Time will show whether it was a huge investment that escaped for Bursa's economy or for the benefit of the city. (Ahmet Emin Yılmaz)

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