Ease of Access to Bilkent City Hospital Continues

Transportation to Bilkent City Hospital
Transportation to Bilkent City Hospital

📩 28/09/2019 12:34

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, one of the promises made during the election of Bilkent City Hospital, has ordered the installation of a bus line.

EGO General Directorate, 25 Since July, “112 Ulus-Bilkent City Hospital (Express)” bus line opened to service, but upon heavy demand from citizens President Yavaş revised the route of the line, wanted to be expanded again.

With the new regulation made after the instructions of President Yavaş, 30 will be able to provide transportation to Bilkent City Hospital from Kızılay after Ulus.


EGO General Directorate; It will also increase the number of stops between Ulus, Red Crescent and Bilkent City Hospital and provide direct access to citizens.

To get to the city center from Bilkent City Hospital, Başkentliler will take the following route with 112 bus:

-Bilkent City Hospital,

- In front of CEPA Shopping Mall,

- Dikmen Junction (TBMM Stop),

- Red Crescent (in front of GAMA Business Center),

- Sanitary (under railway),

- National 1. Assembly (Former Assembly)

Passengers who will get on the 29 kilometer route from Ulus,

- National 1. Assembly (Former Assembly)

- Akköprü (in front of safety),

-Gazi Hospital,

-As was,

-Eskişehir Road CEPA Shopping Center

ride in front of the City Hospital to reach.


Bus line 112 will operate between 06.30-20.00 every day.

Thanks to the line that will make a half-hour expedition, citizens will be able to reach the hospital for therapeutic purposes and perform patient visits.

With the introduction of the new route;

Citizens from Etimesgut-Sincan-Polatlı regions

Citizens from the Çankaya area

Citizens from Altındağ-Keçiören-Mamak regions from the -Kızılay-Sıhhiye-Ulus stops,

Citizens from Yenimahalle-Keçiören-Sincan Etimesgut regions from Akköprü station,

Citizens from the Labor-Bahçelievler-Beşevler regions of the Gazi Hospital station,

-Started from outside the city and the surrounding districts

Transportation to Bilkent City Hospital will be provided.


Noting that it is difficult to go to Bilkent City Hospital because of being far from the city center, Başkentlılar stated that it is gratifying that 112 bus line will pass through Kızılay after Ulus and thanked President Yavaş:

-Leyla Şahin: önce It was troublesome for us to go to the hospital before. Thanks to the 112 line bus, we can easily come to the hospital and even enter the hospital. I would like to thank our Mayor Mansur Yavaş for starting this practice. ”

-Nurettin Özelçi: um I am very pleased with this service. I got in front of the Ministry of Agriculture. We can easily reach anywhere in the hospital. ”

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