Mayor Seçer: “We Need a Cruise Port for Mersin”

president secer mersine surely need a cruise port
president secer mersine surely need a cruise port

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap choice, Turkey's maritime showing the distinction of being the second room of Mersin Chamber of Shipping 30. Participated in the Anniversary Celebration Program.

Speaking at the reception held in a private hotel, President Seçer celebrated the anniversary of the establishment of Mersin Chamber of Shipping, which offers important contributions to the development of maritime and maritime trade. Metropolitan Municipality as Select President who expressed that they would support in every way for further developments in the maritime area of ​​the city, Turkey's Tasucu port they have ports that they are operated by a single municipality, he said.

Emphasizing that Mersin has an important place both in the national and international arena in terms of its geopolitical position and its port serving a wide hinterland in the field of trade, Mayor Seçer underlined that Mersin needs a second port to move this position forward.

In his speech, Seçer also drew attention to the marine pollution made during the maritime trade and invited trade companies to be sensitive about not polluting the sea and the environment.

"Mersin Port has a very different significance in Turkey"

Stating that Mersin is an important commercial city and that it has a port that transfers to important hinterlands, Mayor Seçer said: “Many cities are coastal cities. It even has a harbor but Mersin harbor has a very different importance. Wherever it comes from the world, we are on a geography that has significant advantages in terms of transfer of the products subject to trade from the corridor to very important hinterlands such as the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula and the Caucasus. ”

Secer stated that Mersin is at an important point in maritime trade thanks to its location and strategic importance, but it can also be at much better points. “We have a port with a trade volume of approximately 3 billion dollars. We import, export. Imports come into production. The productions made are going abroad as export items..

"We seviyelerd respected among the top municipalities in Turkey"

Stating that Mersin's commercial city identity has an important role in making Mersin Metropolitan Municipality among the most respected municipalities, Mayor Seçer continued his speech by saying: If Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is a strong municipality today, it is an important part of being a commercial city. Our municipality has a significant income due to high tax revenues. It seviyelerd respected among the top municipalities in Turkey. We are trying to turn this into a service for our citizens, our beautiful city ıyla.

Mr. Seçer continued his speech by saying that there are important tasks for institutions and organizations in the development of maritime trade in Mersin, and that Mersin should do more than they can by using the advantages of sea.

Hassasiyet We are sensitive about environmental and marine pollution ”

Emphasizing the fact that the companies engaged in maritime trade caused environmental and marine pollution, Mayor Seçer stated that as the Metropolitan Municipality, they took great care to keep the sea of ​​Mersin clean and invited the companies engaged in transportation to be sensitive in this regard. President Seçer continued his speech with these words:

“I will have some requests from our friends who are particularly engaged in maritime trade. We carry out inspections within the scope of our competence because we carry environmental pollution sensitivity and marine pollution sensitivity. Our municipality has fined more than 14 million pounds since the beginning of the year. This is not a deterrent method of punishment. The environment is polluting and the environment is going away. We do not cut the penalty, but the ships bringing cargo here, our sea, do not pollute our country. It is the duty of all of us to create this awareness about the companies carrying out this trade.

“We want to operate the port of Taşucu in the best way”

Turkey's ports operated by a single municipality they are and relevant institutions by long-term rights lehtarlıg given if the choice stated that they want to operate in the best way, "Tasucu after 2014 port after the whole town was left Uhde our municipality but the interior is a black humor pain. It's a bonded port and we can provide those services, but it's really a hijab when I see it as a mayor. To date, renovation works have been done every year. The agency gave us this. I objected. If the long-term beneficiary is provided by the relevant institution, we would like to operate this port as a municipality in the best way. ”

“We definitely need a cruise port for Mersin”

Stating that Mersin needs a second port and that they are ready to make any contribution as a municipality in the arrangements to be made on this issue, Mayor Seçer continued his speech and said, “The second port is a projection that I think is important for Mersin. This is not my duty, it is the duty of central government, but 11. We regretfully observed that this was an arrangement in the Development Plan as if it was planned outside of Mersin. We definitely need a cruise port in Mersin. As a municipality, we are ready to make all kinds of contributions to the arrangements to be made on this subject. We want not only the transportation of products and goods, but also the cruise ships carrying tourists to this city. I and my municipality are ready to make all kinds of contributions to ensure that Mersin is a maritime city in every field and that Mersinli becomes a maritime society Mersin

Selects finally, Mersin Chamber of Shipping 30. “We would like to thank our experienced friends who contributed to this community and added important values ​​to our city. 30. I wish you successful days. ”

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