Transportation in Bursa Will Be Solved by Smart Intersections

Transportation in Bursa will be solved by smart intersections
Transportation in Bursa will be solved by smart intersections

For the investments made by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of making urban transportation more modern, smart junction applications of 'Samanlı (11 Eylül Boulevard) - Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu (Köklü) Street' and 'Yunus Emre Street - Yıldırım Sports Complex' in Yıldırım District He added.

Finding practical solutions in Bursa with transportation, emergency action plan and smart junction applications, Metropolitan Municipality continues its works rapidly. Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, Yildirim District started work 'Samanli Street - Muhsin Yazicioglu Street' and 'Yunus Emre Street - Yildirim Sports Complex' smart junction applications found in the examinations.

“Traffic will flow more quickly”

Mayor Aktaş stated that the Metropolitan Municipality is giving great effort to the transportation of Bursa. With these efforts, we aim to provide a more rapid traffic flow in the region. We aim to completely relax this region where the baby garment sector is very developed and commercial circulation is intense in the east side of the city. ”

Completed in a short time

Aktas said that they aim to finish the work in a short time and that the trade in the region will accelerate as the traffic becomes healthier. Mayor Aktaş shared the details of the works and said, “Here, the middle median was removed and exit from Köklü Street to Samanlı Street, and connection to Ring Road and 11 Eylül Boulevard was provided. With the works at the junction of Yıldırım Sports Complex, additional lanes were made for turns. In addition, vehicles from the Ring Road Yavuz Selim neighborhood to provide safe access to the middle median was made. Lighted Sports Complex Smart Junction controlled Mevlana Neighborhood 11 September Boulevard controlled exit sağ said.

Aktaş noted that lane arrangements and additions were also made and said, kapsamında Within the scope of the Smart Intersection of Yunus Emre Street - Yıldırım Sports Complex, 650 meter border and 1100 square meter parquet manufacturing continue at the intersection of Samanlı Street and Yunus Emre Boulevard. Yunus Emre Neighborhood Samanlı Street-Köklü Street Smart Intersection Project 650 meter border, 2500 square meter parquet, 500 square meter parking pocket is made. The hot asphalt pavement of the 2 kilometer area in the intersection area is also being renewed. ”

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