The First Bus Service Between Tarsus and Çamlıyayla

tarsus camliyayla between the first bus trip from the city
tarsus camliyayla between the first bus trip from the city

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in the summer months, increasing the population density, the first spring for the highland and eco-tourism in Çamliyayla district by launching a bus service from Tarsus.

Vahap Seçer, the mayor of Mersin, started the bus service from Tarsus to Çamlıyayla.

Comfortable and cheap transportation

Those who want to go to Çamlıyayla district, which is one of the districts where both domestic and foreign guests frequently prefer summer due to its clean air and beautiful nature, and who have the highest spring tourism, can now go easily and cheaply by buses departing from Tarsus.

In order to expand the services for the public, President Seçer, who mobilized the teams for immediate solutions by evaluating the demands from the citizens, demanded the demand of the citizens who demanded the bus for the Çamlıyayla district. Residents will now be able to provide efficient and comfortable transportation to and from Tarsus by bus to Çamlıyayla.

Konforlu These buses are both air-conditioned and comfortable “

One of the first passengers of the bus voyage, Betul Gaye Dogan, who is from the 19 age, said: ındaki I live in Tarsus but I am from Çamlıyaylalı. I've been going to Camliyayla since I was a kid. This bus expedition was very good for us. Both air-conditioned and comfortable. We were going to be more expensive. Now I get very cheap transportation. I would like to thank our Mayor. Belediye

“We had a nice surprise“

Teacher Muhterem Kurt, who went to Çamlıyayla for his feast's holiday, said: Kurt I live in Tarsus but I am from Çamlıyaylalıyım. Today we had a nice surprise. We have learned that Çamlıyayla, our beautiful broadcasts have begun. I think it was a nice service. We thank Vahap Seçer, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality who has contributed to this point, and wish him success in his works. Bu

Navigation routes

Tarsu Shopping Center, Demirkapı, Makam, Barbaros High School, 100.yıl Bazaar, Üçgen Çarşı, Tekel, Cengiz Topel High School, Ruler Bridge, Atatürk Boulevard on the way to Çamlıyayla via the Ulas, Sarikoyak, Sarikavak, Kurnar, At Dag and Çamliyayla will pass through the neighborhood of Sabil.

On the way back, the bus will move from the neighborhood of the Bay of Camliyayla, At Dağı, Burcu, Sarikavak, Sarikoyak, Uce Çamliyayla path, the Ataturk Bridge through the Ruler Bridge, Cengiz Topel High School, Ataturk Park, Cleopatra Gate, Adana Boulevard through the Authority, Demirkapi and Tarsu It will reach to TAŞTİ by passing through AVM.

Two-way departure times and fare tariffs are as follows; Tarsus Intercity Bus Terminal and Sebil neighborhood will start at 06.00 in the morning and will move at 09.00, 12.00, 15.00, 18.00 hours at three-hour intervals.

Expeditions Tarsus-Ulas civil 1.75, student 1 TL, Tarsus-Sarikovak and Tarsus-Sarikavak 3,50, student 2 TL, Tarsus-Tinus, Tarsus-At Mountain, Tarsus-Çamliyayla and Tarsus-Sebil civil 5,75, student 3 TL to be charged.

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