Kemal Demirel is the only member of the world marching for railway

kemal demirel is the only member of the world
kemal demirel is the only member of the world

We know that… Investments with large budgets come to the fore when cities want and show this demand.


It is debatable how successful we are at the point of claiming as a city, but Bursa has been asking for a railway for many years, high-speed trains are waiting.


It should not be forgotten about the 22nd and 23rd Term CHP Bursa Deputy Kemal Demirel, who undertook an important mission to bring this issue to the city's agenda and create public opinion.

kemal demirel tcdd general directorate
kemal demirel tcdd general directorate

Demirel, who was invited to the high-speed train groundbreaking ceremony in Balat on December 23, 2012 as "the biggest follower of this issue", is not active in politics, but did not stop following it. He went to explain "the importance of high speed train for Bursa" by getting information from senior officials in TCDD General Directorate.

When we asked him how the interview was, he said:

Dim I went to Ankara and met with senior executives at TCDD General Directorate. I asked them what the situation was on the high-speed train, which stage it came to, and most importantly, the deadline. Onlar

He said:

Var On the agenda of TCDD, there are primarily high speed train projects in Sivas and Bursa. But I got the impression that the Sivas project will end before Bursa. Fakat

At this point…

TCDD executives, whom Demirel met, showed a lot of attention to Demirel, who explained his works one by one since 1997, and they were closely interested in what was done.

Among them were those who attended the groundbreaking ceremony in 2012 and recalled that Demirel was thanked from the podium.

That's why…

During the meeting, which was somewhat sincere, Demirel asked the following question from TCDD management:

Atıl When are we going to take the high-speed train that is said to end at 2012 while laying its foundation at 2016? “

He got the following answer:

Uzat Project changes prolonged the period. The renovation of Gölbaşı crossing cost a very long time and projected the project. Because these projects are made in millimeters. Çünkü

Then they gave this date:

Iler The construction of the line is proceeding as planned. No subsidy shortage. We continue our preparations for the test drive at 2020. X

Bursa should show unity

Kemal Demirel, former deputy of CHP Bursa sohbet while he shared a point expressed during his visit to TCDD General Directorate in Ankara.

He said:

Sorun In our interview with TCDD, it was said that Bursa high speed train project was not a source problem. However, in order not to enter into savings measures, it was emphasized that Bursa should reflect the unity and solidarity of Bursa. Fakat

He added:

”All the parties who are deputies of Bursa should work in this regard.“

Kemal Demirel proposed to TCDD: Cultural train station

After moving away from active politics, Kemal Demirel, who gave himself to books and art and published 2 poetry books, went to Ankara to ask about the high-speed train and raised a proposal at the General Directorate of TCDD:

Değişik Cultural train services are organized to different regions of our country. In these travels, one of the train's wagons can be turned into a library. Bu

He stressed:

Anlat Books in the library can be found in the library of the railway train. Thus, those traveling by train know better the places they are traveling. Ip


A proposal that overlaps with different and cultural train applications. We asked Demirel how TCDD management approached this proposal.

He said:

“Very interested. They said they would examine the subject. They argued that even if there wasn't a wagon, half of one of the wagons could have a library. Hatta

22 didn't leave the train for years

It's easy to say… Kemal Demirel, former deputy of CHP Bursa, has traveled 19 thousand kilometers since January 1997, 88, and made a press statement in 40 provinces and 22 districts.

While walking a total of 310 kilometers on different routes, he was the first person in the world to walk in order to ask for a rail, collected hundreds of thousands of signatures, held hundreds of press conferences.


He opened exhibitions consisting of campaign photographs in many cities and attracted attention. It continues to work with the Railway Lovers Association, which it established.


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