Metropolitan-EU Cooperation for Esenboğa Airport Metro Project

esenboga airport subway project buyuksehir eu cooperation
esenboga airport subway project buyuksehir eu cooperation

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansoor Slow, European Union (EU) Ambassador of the EU Delegation to Turkey and met with President Christian Berger.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, Economic and Social Development Department Head Angel Gutierrez Hidalgo and Transportation Team Coordinator Göktuğ Kara also took part in the meeting, while grants and credit support was discussed, joint projects were discussed.

mansur slow three big projects
mansur slow three big projects


During the meeting held at the Metropolitan Municipality Mogan Social Facilities, Mayor Yavaş announced that they will cooperate with the European Union for the activities of the Airport Metro, Bicycle Roads Project and European Mobility Week within the scope of Smart Cities Project.

European Union Ambassador and Head of EU Delegation to Turkey Christian Berger for a Greener Capital noting the importance of the implementation of these projects, every year 16-22 September in the world simultaneously celebrated in various cities of the "European Mobility Week" this year Bahçelievler due 7. He said that they will organize walking and cycling on Avenue.


Stating that they care about Airport Metro and European Mobility Project, especially the Bicycle Road to be constructed in Ankara, Mayor Yavaş said:

Ük We discussed our project on the bicycle path in Ankara, especially in the context of European Mobility Week. We are also in Bahcelievler 7. 22 on Street We will participate in the World Mobility Day in September by blocking traffic in the 1 log. We share this movement with the whole world. We also talked about how we can cooperate on the Airport Subway, and hopefully our cooperation will continue. ”


EU Ambassador Berger stated that the main theme of this year's mobility week would be sürme Safe Walking and Safe Biking, and said, ız Our slogan will be 'Come Walk With Us'. For this reason, I look forward to walking with you in September ”, invited President Yavaş to the event.



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