No Pocket Terminals in Ankara

Ankara on the agenda of the proposal on the agenda of Ankara Deputy Nihat Yesil, this time the endless end of the hands of the people of Ankara.

Yesil said that mobile terminals should be made; The Assembly has raised the following points in its question motion.

AŞTİ'ya transportation for many citizens, traveling with baggage emphasized that the journey, this also has a cost and suffering the citizen said.

Will the 40 km track in the bicycle transportation plan be used by bicycle racers or will it be urban? said.

The Minister of Interior, Suleiman Noble, asked to answer, the questions of the agenda of the Parliament of Ankara and Ankara are as follows:

Maktad Çayyolu, Umitkoy, Yasamkent, Turkkonut, Incek, Baglica, TOKI Turkuaz, Yapracik with suitcases in their hands before the ring buses, then the subway Kızılay'a, then Ankaray'la AŞTİ'e hours are made to travel. Going to AŞTİ has become more difficult than going to Çankırı or Kırıkkale.

In this context; Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's 2018 investment program:

  1. Are there any mobile terminals in Ankara?
  2. Will the Ankara AŞTİ terminal remain in use?
  3. Is there a new terminal location in Ankara?
  4. Is there a city parking garage for the "Park Continue" system, integrated with my rail system?

Is it aimed to increase the number and function of transfer centers? Park Et Continue, Transfer Center Parking and Stops and Stations

Are there parking projects, Bicycle Parking, Bike Road and BISIM Station projects in the vicinity?

  1. The projection of the approximate 20 km cycle route, which also includes the Eskişehir road route, from Bağlıca to the city center; Does Ankara have a reasonable rationale for the principles of urbanism within the scope of the new transport plan?
  • In the newly opened large boulevards; will the allocated road application for public transport be started? Are there buses left in EGO hangars that are not in use and kept in parking?
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