Pedestrian Priority Floor Application in Konya


After the announcement of 2019 by the Ministry of Internal Affairs by the Ministry of Internal Affairs as the Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year, the Konya Metropolitan Municipality made ground markings to the 235 point on the main street in order to create awareness of pedestrian priority in traffic. The attention to pedestrians will be carried out in front of the 362 school in the center.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality continues its pedestrian priority ground works on the main streets in the city center and in front of the school.

After the Ministry of Interior announced the 2019 year as the Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year, in the 81 provinces, in the same month, the practices of pedestrians were started with the slogan geç Priority of Life, Priority Emitting İç.

In this context, with the instructions of the ministry, Konya Metropolitan Municipality carried out ground markings to show pedestrians priority in the city center in order to create pedestrian consciousness in the drivers. In addition to the main streets, the same ground markings are made in front of the 235 school in the center of Konya.

It is aimed to establish pedestrian awareness in traffic through various activities and campaigns that will continue throughout the year.



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