Asphalt Renovation Works in 3 District of Pamukova

Pamukovanin neighborhood asphalt renovation work
Pamukovanin neighborhood asphalt renovation work

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality carried out asphalt renovation work in Pamukova's 3 neighborhood. Baydar said, vatandaş The road was broken and uneven, and it was a problem for our neighborhood and our citizens. Now we have a nice way. We were really happy to meet with hot asphalt, bozuk said Özkan. God willing, such beautiful services should continue, İn he said.

The asphalt renovation of the Fevziye, Çardak and Özbek Neighborhoods of Pamukova was completed by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality. 7 thousand meters long 7 thousand tons of hot asphalt poured into the road to the new face was achieved. The village headmen expressed their satisfaction for the new way.

Expected Asphalt
Özbek District Headman Ertuğrul Baydar said, Öz I started my new job in the district of Özbek. We are very pleased with the way the Metropolitan Municipality has done. We've been waiting for such a beautiful road for a long time. It was really a problem for our citizens and our neighborhood to be distorted and uneven. Now we have a nice way. It was really nice to meet us with hot asphalt. Our citizens are waiting for more beautiful roads. I hope it will be better. May God bless our President, Ekrem Yüce and his team, who contributed in his speech.

Nice service
Saddler Özkan, the headman of Çardak Neighborhood said: em Our Municipality has done a very good work. We are extremely pleased with the works as peasants and as citizens who use this path. We would like to thank our Mayor Mr. Ekrem Yüce for his services. Our citizens will now be able to move more comfortably and comfortably on this damaged road. God willing, such nice services should continue. Hizmet

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