tourist coming east
06 Ankara

Tourist Eastern Express Coming

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan made statements about the 'Touristic East Express', which is planned to be launched on the Ankara-Kars line. “Every other day, 120 passenger capacity” Turhan, sister to the Eastern Express [more…]

mhp said batman provincial president raybus
72 Batman

MHP Batman Provincial President said Raybüs

MHP Batman Provincial Chairman Mehmet Acik, Batman-Diyarbakir railway train rails into railways in the direction of the campaign initiated by the Batmansonsöz newspaper, supported by signing. Train tracks on Batman-Diyarbakır railway are faster, safer and cheaper [more…]

Sertrans Logisticse Ethics
34 Istanbul

Ethics Award to Sertrans Logistics

Sertans Logistics Ethics Center (EDM), organized this year by xnumx'nci "ETİKAN Turkey's Ethics Award" was awarded the context. Sertrans CEO Nilgün Keleş, who received the same award last year, said, “Sertrans [more…]