Happy Numbers in Izmir Bay

rejoice figures in izmir
rejoice figures in izmir

The pleasing developments in the surface cleaning works carried out by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in the Gulf draw attention. The amount of garbage collected, which was 2015 tons in 2250, decreased to 2016 tons in 1638, to 2017 tons in 1199 and to 2018 tons in 641. The sensitivity of the residents of Izmir was also influential in this decline along with the cleaning works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in the creeks.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality cleans superficial wastes in the Izmir Bay 7 days a week with 2 sea sweepers, a boat and black garbage collection teams. The latest data from the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Environmental Protection and Control, which reports the amount of garbage that comes out of the Gulf every year, delights. The amount of garbage collected from the Izmir Bay, which was once used as a “dustbin”, has dropped significantly in the past four years. While the amount of floating garbage collected from the Gulf in 2015 was 2250 tons, this figure dropped to 2018 tons in 641. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality officials said that in this decrease, barriers placed at the exit of the Gulf, cleaning works carried out in the creeks and the efforts of the people of Izmir to keep the Gulf clean. While 2015 tons of garbage were collected from the Gulf in 2250, 2016 tons of garbage were collected in 1638, 2017 tons in 1199, and 2018 tons of garbage in 641.

Cleaning fleet of the Gulf
The “Blue Bay” fleet of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality routinely cleans the gulf every day. The Metropolitan Municipality teams, which clean the gulf surface with the high-tech “Blue Bay” fleet with sea sweeper ships, carry out this work with the “Environment 1” garbage collection boat on the very shallow areas and on the shore, and the land waste collection team with the help of hand scoops from the land. The collected floating solid wastes are transferred to the garbage truck untouched by the conveyor belt system.

In the gulf cleaning fleet of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 3 Fisheries Engineers, 1 Chemical Engineer, 1 Chemical Technician, 2 Captain, 3 Çarkçıbaşı, 4 Master Gemici, 2 Chauffeur, and 16 black garbage collection personnel work.

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