Transfer to Kocaeli Stadium

transport without transfer to the Kocaeli Stadium
transport without transfer to the Kocaeli Stadium

One of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş. 3 supporter in the support of Izmitispor matches to the stadium from different points. TransportationPark, which succeeded in delivering its citizens to the stadium, is gaining the satisfaction of the fans.

Kocaeli Stadium, the opening days İzmitispor special days to organize additional services TransportationPark, the citizens of the city's different point 3 Kocaeli Stadium provides access. Starting from Kirazliyalı with the line number 150KS, it is possible to reach the fans from Hereke, Körfez, Derince, İzmit and finally to Kocaeli Stadium. On the 750KS line, there are passengers coming to Karamürsel Bus Station, Değirmendere, Gölcük, Başiskele and then to Kocaeli Stadium.

15KS is another line that assumes the role of the ring during the day. The 15KS line, which organizes a round trip, provides fast, safe and direct access to the stadium for passengers who live in the vicinity of the bus station, both on the day of the train and the bus station. ulaşımpark; The 150KS, 750KS and 15 KS numbers make a great effort to take the citizens to the stadium.

TransportationPark, working in a coordinated way to bring fans to the stadium in Kocaeli, states that the match days bus is like a festival area. The fare received from the buses is carried out at the normal rate without any additional charge. Match days on the social media via the bus, which makes announcements about the transportationPark, Kocaelispor manages to please fans.



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