School Arrangement for Transportation in Izmir

📩 24/12/2018 17:13

With the new academic year that will start on Monday, new regulations are also coming into effect in urban public transportation in Izmir. Within the scope of the winter tariff to be passed, the frequencies of trips were increased in buses and rail systems. During the busy hours of the day, there will be a 3.5-minute flight in Izmir Metro and 6 minutes in Konak Tramway. While increasing the number of bus services, some lines were regulated.

Due to the 17-2018 academic year, which will start on Monday, September 2019, the public transportation organizations of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality are commissioning their winter travel plans. Izmir Metro and Konak Tram, whose weight is increasing in urban public transportation, will travel more frequently, especially during peak hours. The Izmir Metro reduces the frequency of the trip, which is 5 minutes in the summer period, to 3,5 minutes in the fall period starting Monday. Konak tram starts to run every 6 minutes. According to the new voyage plan, the flights will be held every 07.00 minutes from 20:00 to 6:07 in Konak Tram, and every 00 minutes in Izmir Metro between 09:00 and 3,5:XNUMX. This operating frequency will be implemented for the first time in a public transportation system in Izmir. With the frequent expeditions, it is aimed to increase the use of public transportation vehicles in the city and to decrease the use of private vehicles.

Bus services also frequent
ESHOT Headquarters is also switching to the winter schedule as of Monday. Expedition frequency is increased in many lines. You can find details about the winter plan on ESHOT's website ( isaccessible via.

New editing on some lines
In addition to this, ESHOT General Directorate made some line arrangements in parallel with the increase in the frequency of flights in Konak Tram and İzmir Metro. Removing the lines of Üçyol-Halkpınar Metro number 255, Fahrettin Altay-Halkapınar Metro number 581, Narlıdere-Konak number 654, Balçova-Konak number 669, Üçyol-Lausanne Square number 655 and Fahrettin Altay-Lausanne Square number 681 that will serve them all day long. Will launch the 551 Narlıdere-Fahrettin Altay and 969 Balçova-Fahrettin Altay lines.

ESHOT General Directorate removed some lines from the service as a result of efficiency and travel demand analysis evaluations on bus lines. The lines that will not be serviced as of September 17 are as follows:
107 ESBAS Transfer-Belt Transfer, 172 Gaziemir Neighborhood Garage-Belt Transfer, 706 Ayrancılar-Beet Transfer, 753 Gerenköy-Biçerova Transfer, 825 Evka 6-Çiğli Transfer and 916 Oyak Site-Üçkuyular District Terminal.

In some lines, changes were made about the routes. Tınaztepe-Fahrettin Altay line 671 was reorganized as Şirinyer Aktarma-Fahrettin Altay. The number 800 Menemen Transfer-Auto Bus line was arranged as Menemen Transfer-Bornova Metro. The last stop of Tınaztepe-Konak line number 104 will be Adatepe starting from September 17.

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