The green route is drawn with BAKKA!

green route bakka
green route bakka

The implementation phase of the Railway Operation which is prepared within the scope of the Train Tourism project of the Western Black Sea Development Agency (BAKKA) is being implemented. In this context, the work on the content and social media of the concept study, which is called as devam Yeşil Rota Bu, continues rapidly. For this study, which was planned to be launched in autumn months, Deputy Secretary General Elif Acar and Agency experts met with the poet, writer, journalist, researcher and theater actor Sunay Akın.

Acar told Sunay Akın how they aimed to achieve what they intended, what the target audience was, how they could integrate the nature and cultural beauties of the region with train tourism and raise public awareness.

Green Route prepared for the promotional materials and the concept of the project examining the Sunay Akın, said the project was very impressed and excited. Akın, the region's cultural beauties and poets, talking about the people of large cities of the West Black Sea, such as natural heritage, said they wanted to escape to the regions.



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