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Within the scope of the Steel Clustering studies initiated under the leadership of Zonguldak Governorate, the delegation of public, private sector and academicians from Zonguldak, Karabük and Bartın provinces received information about clusters in OSTİM. OSTİM Chairman of the Board Orhan Aydin, the West Black Sea Region in the cluster project, the institutional will support all the possibilities, he said.

In the Western Black Sea Region, which has strategic industrial facilities such as Erdemir and Kardemir, one of the locomotive regions of the Turkish economy, work is underway for the implementation of the Steel Cluster. Launched in Zonguldak Governor's leadership, the Western Black Sea Development Agency (BAKKER A) by examining successful models of clustering projects carried out in Turkey. In this context, members of the cluster working group received information at OSTİM. Guest delegation; 17 main sector, 139 6.200 in OSTIM, which has more than 7 different business lines, and sectoral clusters in the title of Ostim Teknopark A.Ş. detailed information about the questions were answered.

Stating that they believe in clustering too, OSTİM Chairman Orhan Aydın has pledged to support the ongoing work in the Western Black Sea Region. We are at your disposal to do our best. konusunda

Zonguldak Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Metin Demir stated that they are accelerating the clustering efforts in which they seek ways of strengthening the existing industries in the region. Iron, Filyos Industrial Zone in the realization of the point closer to the target than ever said.

Steel industry is well-known Prof. Dr. Dr. Sencer İmer emphasized the need to invest in the manufacturing industry in the region and added, böl A new sheet metal fabrication factory can be established. Because Turkey's flat steel production is currently around 9 million tons. If consumed in Turkey is around 19 million tons a year. In other words, our production in Erdemir and İsdemir is needed to produce more solid production. Yani

Işler Big business with small companies “

In the first part of the meeting, OSTİM OSB Regional Manager Adem Arıcı introduced the region. Stating that OSTİM is a regional development model consisting of small enterprises, Arıcı pointed out that large businesses were carried out at OSTİM and small businesses were produced and said that regional firms produced in international brands in many sectors.

. We are the regional development model. We are a region where small-to-large companies are growing up and working as an incubator center within newly established companies. Ankara and many major brands of work that began in Turkey, where he grew up and where he learned OSTIM the job. "He said.

According to the results of the competition analysis conducted in the region in the 2007 business and construction machinery sector, starting from the defense and aerospace, medical, renewable energy and environmental technologies that set up clusters in the sector, Adem Arıcı, today, including rubber, rail and communication technologies, including the clustering work in the sector 7 voiced

“We believe in clustering“

OSTİM Chairman of the Board of Directors Orhan Aydın stated that OSTİM is the oldest industrial focus of Ankara and said, çok We are a region composed of small and medium-sized enterprises. We have realized the clustering activities formed by small enterprises. We are a group that tries to make small examples of what small children can come together and make examples in our region and in our country. We are in close contact with other clusters in Turkey not only in this region. We are also the center of the Anatolian Clusters Cooperation Platform. Anadolu

Stressing that they followed with interest all of the clustering activities in Turkey, Aydin, he said: "We believe that many of the cluster. In developed countries, we have also done serious work on how they are implemented and managed. Our knowledge, I would like to point out that we are at your 24 watch with all our facilities and capabilities if the structures in our region will be of use to you. In every subject; we are at your disposal to do our best. imiz

”We thank OSTIM“

Deputy Secretary General of BAKKA Elif Acar stated that they aim to create better access to better and value-added markets and to create awareness and to benefit from the benefits of the cluster within the scope of the clustering work initiated by the Agency. Acar, "have the best cluster instance in Turkey, we aim to benefit from the experience by visiting OSTIM. Thank you very much for your support. Dest

“We are trying to open the doors of new sectors“

Zonguldak Zonguldak Zonguldak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZTSO) President Metin Demir said that the 1840's stories started with coal and continued with iron and steel factories. "Continually until the xnumx'l years growing and developing, one of the regions of Turkey's leading provinces have always been." Continuing his speech with the words Iron, region gave the following analysis regarding the economy: "Turkey's changing the economic model in xnumx'l year, state-assisted development instead Unfortunately, we are faced with a Zonguldak and Western Black Sea region, which have lost considerable power as a result of the transition to the private sector. özel

Expressing that they are in search of new moves with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Western Black Sea Development Agency, Zonguldak, Bartin and Karabuk, President Demir shared: can make it more profitable, creating higher employment? On the one hand we are in search of it. On the other hand, perhaps because of coal and steel, we have serious efforts to develop in different sectors that we have not looked at before. We are trying to open the doors of new sectors. Yeni

”We are close to the destination in Filyos“

Metin Demir, who touched on the speed of the clustering efforts in which they seek ways of strengthening the existing industries in the region, said: iler We want to; By using the presence of Kardemir, Erdemir and coal in our region, perhaps we will open the door of new products and associations in this area and make a growth move in these areas again.

There is a Filyos Industrial Zone project since the Ottoman period. It was the files that were left on shelves for many years, but we are closer to the target than ever before in the Filyos Industrial Zone. The construction of the port, which is the key to the region, has already exceeded the 50 level of infrastructure works. If the superstructure tender next year we will be well done as one of the 2022-2023 25 million tons of Filyos Port, the largest port in Turkey, our port. We think that Filyos Port will be a serious move in the Filyos Valley.

As many as possible to start this process, we wanted to let you visit the sample as successful as possible. OSTİM in academia, especially in this context, Turkey is also one of the leading cluster called very successful example. For this reason, we became your guests today. Bu

”Investment should be with the public“

Among the participants of the program, steel companies operating in the region for many years who served. Dr. Sencer İmer shared his experiences and suggestions on development from the perspective of steel and coal.

Imer indicating that the coal in Zonguldak depending of Turkey's oldest industry, he drew attention to the many years of Zonguldak and Ankara to meet Turkey's energy needs. Emphasizing the need to remove the coal in the range of minus 300 and minus 600 meters today. Dr. . Investments should be made to remove this level of coal. If this investment is not made, it is not possible to increase the production. This should be an investment in the public sector. If we make investments, we can produce 5 million tons of hard coal. Yatırım

Noting the needs of the mining sector, Imer said, er There is a need for non-sparking vehicles in underground mining. We can produce underground mining machines by ourselves. We can also attract foreign partners and export them to Europe. Hem

The experienced academician listed the following suggestions: şu Investment in manufacturing industry should be made in the region. A new sheet metal factory can be installed. Because Turkey's flat steel production is currently around 9 million tons. If consumed in Turkey is around 19 million tons a year. In other words, our production in Erdemir and İsdemir is needed to produce another solid. This means two Erdemir. This is when we project the future; namely Turkey's currently 35 million tons of steel production, we calculate would be a value around 60 million tons will not be wrong, this then means something close to 40 million tons in a few more Erdemir need. One of these Erdemir could be there. Next to it can be done new shipyards and shipbuilding area. If it then Turkey would be a matter Korea and Japan. "(OSTİM)

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