Level Crossing in Efeler, 4 Days Closed to Traffic, Citizen in Rebellion

Level crosses in transit
Level crosses in transit

Level crossing at Soğukkuyu district of Efeler district of Aydın has been closed to traffic since 4. The fact that the barrier on the railway which is reduced to the single lane is not made attracts a great reaction between the drivers and the tradesmen in the region.

4 was closed to traffic for one day and a single lane was dropped on the highway. Especially in the evening, which is one of the busiest roads in the area of ​​the railway in the road to the repair of the barrier and not be opened, the highway is met with great reaction by the dolmuşları. The tradesmen in the region are also uncomfortable and are expected to be resolved by the authorities as soon as possible.

A citizen who does not want to give his name to the shopkeepers of the region stated that there is a great difficulty and that the road should be opened to traffic urgently. A citizen who voiced her reaction, “a car hit the barrier before the train passed. And then they shut the road. These barriers were repaired and built by authorities in Izmir. It is expected to be made in the coming days. We are still waiting. It is said that the barriers used on the road will be automatic. One of the busiest places of Aydın is this region. As neighborhood shopkeepers, we are also uncomfortable. The drivers are infamous. It also leads to tensions when traffic jams. This place needs to be repaired immediately. Even though there is an accident here, the State Railways are guilty. Neither an excuse nor a sound indicator is anything. Nethe Sesgazete)

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