A Faster Train than Aircraft HYPERLOOP

Hyperloop without tube
Hyperloop without tube

A faster train than Plane: Is it possible to travel from Istanbul to Ankara in 20 minutes? Or, for example, 1,5 per hour from Istanbul to Germany?

Tesla Motors and SpaceX founder, genius businessman Elon Musk is really a crazy person. With his hectic ideas, he expands the horizon of mankind and creates new visions. One of Elon Musk's crazy projects was 2013's Hyperloop project in May.


A sort of train (capsule) that would advance in a tunnel to be built underground or above, could go above a speed of 1100 km / h, perhaps exceeding the speed of sound and, for example, to deliver you from San Francisco to Los Angeles at 30 min. up to 616 km). Elon Musk's four stages of modern transportation are “ships,, az trains un, Hyper motor vehicles beş and beş airplanes“, after which Hyperloop defines it as the fifth stage. The project states.

From many people who read this news for the first time, he had thoughts of “how ridiculous project proje or“ not possible Bu. But despite many challenges and obstacles, he is determined to realize his dream, perhaps a transport revolution. But it's not just her. After sharing his idea with the world at Elon Musk 2013, they have begun to think closely about two start-ups and start thinking about it. These two companies, Hyperloop Technologies and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, have been working on the Hyperloop system for some time.

SpaceX, Elon Musk's space engineer, has just announced a new announcement yesterday and announced that they will build a test line with an 1 shaft in Hawthorne, California, where their headquarters are located, and tests will be conducted for the Hyperloop project.


Again opened to Hyperloop http://www.spacex.com/hyperloop A competition announcement was made on the website. The contest encourages participants to design a capsule that will lead to this line. Up to 15 2015 15, 2015 2016 XNUMX final projects will be delivered until the end. In June XNUMX, the accepted project (s) will be realized and the first unmanned Hyperloop capsule will be on the test line.

You can watch the video below for the contest announcement. But in the meantime, you need to capture the fast-moving capsule in the 15-second video.

There are many challenges to make Hyperloop a reality. How it will be produced, how much will it cost, work on security needs to be very detailed, etc üzerine But here is someone who dreams, others lead him. Do I also wonder if someone or a firm interest from Turkey will participate in this contest? Say what?

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    1. Interesting news, but a number of TECHNICAL problems that need to be solved are not yet available. Let's recall; In the international jargon MagLev called magnetic field floating wheelless system systems today - even if the application is limited - real and active. But the system's patent is Dipl.-Phys. It's taken by Hermen KEMPER at 1947. However, the last 30-40 could be realized with intensive R & D over the years and there are still minor problems that are still waiting for a solution. In other words, HYPERLOOP can be made theoretically or even a test phase. Not a new idea at all! In the second half of the 1980 - 1990s, the idea of ​​connecting SWC by the names SWISMETRO etc, the ADB and the continent under the oceans, and the idea of ​​connecting the continent to the continent was discussed with similar projects. But the practical application is not possible within this century and by the current natural sciences, engineering and economic theories. BECAUSE:
      Traveling at this speed (1) is only possible in a tube-tunnel. But at this super speed, you need to remove the air mass in front of the vehicle, fill the low pressure in the rear, that is, provide a balance of pressure at the front and rear. You also need to minimize the friction force with air. QUESTION: HOW?
      (2) system must be frictionless, ie MagLev system must be Guided-Way. QUESTION: But HOW?
      Because it can react at this speed Magnetic wheel and its electronic control-control system is not yet possible with our current technique and technology, so there is not yet!
      (3) A vehicle (its geometry, surface…) for the system speed v> 500km / h above, is not yet in line with ECONOMIC theories, in current technology and technology, within the framework of natural science theory!
      But people who are interested and who have enough influence, skill and authority to participate in the wheel or preferably as a group MUTLAK ADVICE. Please note that the money invested in the annual R & D phase of the German MagLev system 20 2,5 BILLION EUR. That is enough incentive etc. The tap will flow. You ask why? Because of this type of large R & D projects, we call a series of SpinOf, side technologies, techniques, products, production systems, etc., bringing the country forward, know-how etc. throwing forward. If he did not have MagLev R & D, the current pulsed LASER technique and technology could not have been!