Ordu Zubeyde Hanim Street is Changing!

the army continues to change in zubeyde hanim avenue
the army continues to change in zubeyde hanim avenue

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its pedestrianization and pavement works in various parts of the city. President Engin Tekintaş said, plak Within the scope of the pavement renovation work carried out at Zübeyde Hanım Street, a modern look will be created by making concrete plaque stones, granite slabs, pavement renovation and lighting work. Başkan


Expressing that they continue their projects to make the city look modern, President Tekintaş said, ini Between the Island Simit Sarayı and Çakalçıkmaz Cemetery covering the 1044 m area on Zübeyde Hanım Street, concrete plaque stone, granite slab stone and sidewalk renovation works are carried on by our teams. The 9 meter of the illumination work using decorative lighting poles with a height of 500 m was completed. Hopefully, we will complete our project and turn our city into a model city. İn


Providing information about the works of the Metropolitan Municipality of Ordu Engin Tekintaş said, desi Within the scope of the project, Fatih Caddesi, Fevzi Cakmak Caddesi, Devlet Caddesi, Kazim Karabekir Street, Kisla Street, Lise Street, Stadium Street, Suleyman Felek Street, Tashocak Street, Ulukonak Street, Zubeyde Hanim Street. , Cumhuriyet Street and Atatürk Boulevard, the 12 bin 500 m² concrete plaque stone, 13 bin 500 m² granite slab stone and pavement renovation works are continuing. 8 bin 700 m long pavement will be illuminated using decorative lighting poles with height 9 m uzun.

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