Prepared in Kandıra, they traveled by bike on Europe

kandirada were prepared by bicycle in Europe
kandirada were prepared by bicycle in Europe

Barış and İpek Şen teach mathematics in Kandıra, Kocaeli. As a cycling enthusiast family, the 17 with their daughter, one of whom is 9 monthly and one of whom is 2018, is on a European tour in the summer. One of the European bicycle routes network ”Eurovelo'15 ov family visited the 6 country. Şen Family aiming to travel the whole world together with their daughters within the scope of possibilities, prepared the tour preparations by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in Kandıra bicycle path.


Teachers of Kandıra Anatolian High School, Barış and İpek Şen, went on a European journey by bicycle during the summer holiday of 2018. The family took their children from the 9 year-old daughter Duru and 17 Monthly daughters Deniz. The family started the journey from the Swiss Rhine to 48 days. The Sen family 48 have traveled a full thousand 405 miles a day. I Hep şenler, always on the road sen with the family, the family, other families with children and for those who want to make a long tour all the photos and videos on social media @hepsenler account.


The journey from the X Eurovelo'15 olan road, one of the European bicycle routes network, started from Switzerland. Starting from the starting point of the Rhine River, the family traveled the 15 country using the ”Eurovelo'6 ov path. 48 camped on the 33 day of the day-long journey. Family 15 days in the homes of families they met through social media remained. small member of the family 9 years Wait Sen, this journey with the little girl carrying their belongings on their bikes in Turkey was a long tour cyclist.


Stating that he was preparing for the European tour on the bicycle roads of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to Kandira, Mathematics Teacher Barış Şen said; “Our goal is to travel the world with our girls as much as possible. We were prepared for this journey in the district of Kandira, where we teach. Europe has very long cycle paths. Our journey was one of them, "Eurovelo'15". We traveled 6 countries starting from the source of the Rhine River to the North Sea. It took us 6 days to travel to 48 countries. We met many people in 48 days and cultures are familiar. ”


Barış Şen stated that Kocaeli had a very important distance on the bicycle. Var There are very important routes in Kocaeli. Bike on the Gulf of Izmit

you can walk around the coast. If we take the Izmit Bay, the surroundings of Sapanca Lake and the Kandira road as basis, we have approximately 440 kilometers of cycling routes in Kocaeli ”.


What is important is that people respect respect for cyclists. Iz We'll catch this respect. Families should be on their way with bicycles. Kocaeli is a suitable city. Many points have bike paths. New ways to add them. Using these pathways, we will teach people to be respected and to show that we are in traffic. Bu


Stating that many bicycles were used in Kandira, Barış Şen said; “Kandira is a very beautiful district with no traffic and for cycling. When such a bicycle path and the surrounding village roads are combined, important routes emerge. Our grandfathers used to come to the center of Kandira with their old bicycles. Now everyone comes by car. There are many services that Metropolitan Municipality has implemented to encourage bicycle use. We should also create awareness by using bicycles. ”


Baris Sen's wife Ipek Sen; “It was a different holiday. Our journey took 48 days. We visited 6 countries. Since bicycles are widely used in Europe, vehicle drivers never get on the bike paths. You can safely travel by bike. There are divided roads in Kocaeli. Families should ride bicycles and be an example to their children. Today, people have started to become individualized with the use of technology. One of the best sporting activities for the family is cycling. Kocaeli is one of the most suitable cities for this. ”


Duru Şen, the 10-year-old daughter of the Şen family; “Our cycling tour in Europe went very well. I have traveled to many countries with my family. I dislike Switzerland the most. I met many people. It's been a nice experience for me. My peers spend a lot of time with computers, tablets and phones. they are nothing to children kazandoes not rise. But I think it's best for them to know well outside, run freely and play games," he said.

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