TCDD Announces the Level Crossing Accident Report

TCDD Announces the Level Crossing Accident Report on the Issue: The General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) made a statement about the accident that killed a person in Konya.

The statement made by TCDD said: ın The previous day in Yenice neighborhood of Konya, a citizen's death on the railway line while crossing the street crossing the railway company deeply upset. The rules of crossing railways are clear. Our citizens must pass through level crossings within the framework of the rules. Apart from this, passing the railway line is always at risk. Near the 500 meter of the crime scene, there is a level crossing which is open to traffic and all kinds of protection measures are taken. Yer

The statement, the subject of the judicial and administrative aspects of the investigation was stated, ıza We have mercy on our citizens who have lost their lives, our condolences to his family and relatives wish. The construction of the ongoing Konya-Karaman high-speed train project will not have a level crossing at this level, instead the lower and upper crossings will be constructed and the line will be put under the line aman.

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