Jobs for the Third Airport

On the Way to Works for the Third Airport: In the third airport to be built in Istanbul, the delivery of the place will be done in the summer, as envisaged. While the rush expropriation decision was made, the court process applied by some villagers was prevented from creating an obstacle to the project. started.
As it is predicted to be delivered at the third airport to be built in Istanbul, this year will be done in the summer.
With the completion of the processes for withdrawing the miners from the region, the expropriation and the final forest permit, the project will be delivered in June or July.
According to the information received by the AA reporter, the preparations for the delivery of the third airport, which will sit in the world leadership seat with a capacity of 150 million passengers when completed, are proceeding as envisaged. The highest bid for the 25-year rental price at the auction is that the important part of the 76 million square meter area of ​​the project, to which the Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group will be built, consists of mines and some of it is owned by individuals. .
While the expropriation of the project, the contract of which was signed at the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) on 19 November 2013, was initiated by TOKİ last year, it was a problem for some villagers to apply to the court. In order for the court process not to hinder the project, the rush expropriation decision for the project was issued in the last quarter of last year and an obstacle to the process was removed.
In order for the project to be delivered, the dispute with the 19 mining company operating in the region was solved and payments were made to these companies.
On the other hand, due to the forest land in the region where the third airport will be built, work is underway for the final forest permit to be taken from the relevant Ministry. Following the completion of these three important works, the third airport will be delivered in June or July and the works will be started.
Completed at 2018
When the construction of the third airport, which is auctioned by the Build-Operate-Transfer model, is completed, it will have an annual 150 million passenger capacity. The amount of iron steel to be used in the construction of 350 thousand tons, the aluminum material to 10 thousand tons, the glass is expected to reach the 415 thousand square meters, the project will be completed in the 4 stage.
When the new airport is completed, 165 passenger bridge, 4 separate terminal building where the transportation between the terminals is made by rail system, 3 technical block and air traffic control tower, 8 control tower; 6 million square meter sized apron, hall of honor, cargo and general aviation terminal, state guest house, approximately 16 thousand car capacity outdoor and indoor parking, aviation medical center, hotels, fire department and garage center, places of worship, congress center, power plants, refinement and garbage disposal facilities.
In the auction of the 3rd airport tender to be held in Istanbul, Limak İnşaat San. A.Ş. with the highest bid for the 25-year lease price, 22 billion 152 million euro plus 18 percent VAT amount (about 26 billion 140 million euro). ve Tic. AŞ / Kolin İnş. Type. Singing. ve Tic. AŞ / Cengiz İnş. Singing. ve Tic. AŞ / Mapa İnş. ve Tic. AŞ / Kalyon İnş. Singing. ve Tic. AŞ Joint Venture Group had given.
The construction cost is expected to be 10 billion 247 million euros.

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