4/7 Asphalt Distance During 24-Day Ban in Bursa

asphalt bare during the daily ban in bursa
asphalt bare during the daily ban in bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which turned the 4-day curfew into an opportunity, started a comprehensive asphalt work in the main arteries that completed its economic life. Stating that maintenance and repair, patch and border applications will be carried out together with road construction activities at the points that are needed, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said “Hopefully, our nurses will be able to use the streets and streets of our Scholarship more comfortably.

Continuing its efforts to ensure that Bursa is livable in every area, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to evaluate the curfew imposed within the scope of the epidemic measures. In the ban brought last weekend due to coronavirus, the Metropolitan Municipality, which poured asphalt from scratch to the 2.5 km main road starting from Mudanya turnout of İzmir Road to Esentepe Junction, is starting to work on the second part of the same road, 2.5 kilometers from Korupark. In the 4-day shift, the second 2.5 km section of Mudanya Road from the city center to Korupark will be covered with asphalt from scratch.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said in his statement that the asphalt planning in Bursa is not limited to Mudanya Road. Emphasizing that road construction activities will be carried out at Yeşil Caddesi, Çelebi Mehmet Boulevard and Gökdere Boulevard connecting roads of Yıldırım district, and Council of Europe Boulevard Küçükbalıklı Underpass exit of Osmangazi district, President Aktaş stated that patchwork and chimney cover works will be carried out in the city and the ground of T1 tram line will be revised. he. President Aktaş, ”Recep Tayyip Erdogan Boulevard in the Osmangazi district and Domination, Dumlupinar, Hasta Yurdu and 1. Hürriyet avenues, Kayapa Mahallesi in the Nilufer district, Fevzi Cakmak and Bursa streets in the Kestel district, Akpinar and Uludag streets in the province of Inegol and border. pavement work will be done, "he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş emphasized that they wanted to complete the construction, maintenance and repair process of all important roads in Bursa by working 7/24. Expressing the curfews as an opportunity for them in this sense, Mayor Aktaş said, “The teams attached to our transportation department; It will be on the field on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Related routes will be closed to traffic from 23:00 on Thursday, 00 April until 26:24 on Sunday, April 00. Our drivers are required to use alternative routes in this process. Hopefully, all roads will be opened to traffic starting from Monday and Bursa residents will enjoy comfortable transportation once. ”

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