BTS and TMMOB made a joint press release about Ankara Train Disaster

bts and tmmob joint press release on the train
bts and tmmob joint press release on the train

The Cause of the Rail Disorder in Ankara

The United Transport Union and the Turkish Chamber of Architects and Engineers made a joint press release regarding the high-speed train accident in Ankara.

The statement made by BTS and TMMOB is as follows; “Today we started the day with a bitter news once again. High Speed ​​Train, which made the Ankara-Konya expedition, collided with the guide train in charge of road control at Marşandiz station in Yenimahalle district around 06:30. In the accident where the overpass at the station collapsed on the wagons due to the impact of the collision, it was announced that 9 of our 47 citizens were killed and XNUMX people were injured. First of all, we wish the health of the relatives of our citizens who lost their lives, and urgent healing to our injured citizens.

The tragedy of the train tragedy in Çorlu, which still keeps its freshness in the hearts of us, is still facing a new tragedy after the 5 month.

Our friends went to the scene in the early hours of the morning to examine the disaster experienced today on site and to make determinations, but since the crime scene investigation of the police and prosecutor's office has not been completed yet, a qualified assessment could not be made. However, our first observations from the scene and kazanOur information on the line where the disaster occurred shows that the disaster was caused by the lack of ready signaling systems that should be on the railway line. The fact that the aforementioned signaling was not active and that the traffic on the lines had to be routed through manual communication led to a disaster.

We would like to underline once again that the basic problem here is not human error, the problem is the understanding of the problem of eliminating human errors and allowing the running of a high-speed train without having to complete the infrastructure before the train is put into operation. The AKP is responsible for the 16 years. This understanding has led to the death of our citizen 41 in Pamukova for the sake of neden accelerated train show Bu. This understanding has caused the death of 24 citizens in Çorlu since they did not perform the necessary maintenance and infrastructure works. This understanding has caused the death of 9 citizens since the high speed train was operated in Ankara even though the signaling systems were not activated.

During the 16 years in power, AKP did not consider human life and public interests, but political interests and the needs of capital in all the projects it implemented. Projects that are not based on reason, science and engineering and aiming to save the day were hastily implemented especially during election periods. You will remember today kazanThe Ankara-Konya YHT line, where the war took place, was also one of the most important propaganda elements of the AKP in the 2014 Local Elections. KazanThe suburban area, where the slum took place, was the material for the Presidential elections and as in many projects as a general characteristic of the period; It was opened with a big rally by the President on the eve of the election, before the security works, especially the signaling systems, were completed. This understanding of AKP, which is based on transforming public services into political rent, causes great social tragedies not only in railways but also in all areas of life.

Dear friends,

Railways are accepted as the most reliable means of transportation where the risk of accidents is the least in the world. However, this perception in our country unfortunately began to differentiate. This is not only because the necessary infrastructure needs are not met or the accidents experienced, but as a whole are the railway policies implemented in recent years. The disruption of the TCDD, the disruption of the TCDD, the dismissal of the civil service perspective, and the lack of expert staff at all levels and the lack of expert staff at all levels influence the public's view of railway transportation.

Rail transportation policies need to be restructured with a public understanding. Besides, in order to ensure transportation safety, all lines must be repaired in a serious and complete manner, the electrification and signaling requirements should be met and the lines should not be opened to traffic before the technical requirements are completed.

We will continue to be a follower of this process on behalf of the public, and we will be involved in the proceedings. In order to account for the perpetrators who caused the disaster, we will struggle to prevent such disasters.

We once again share our wishes for mercy to our lost citizens, patience and condolences to their relatives. ”

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