TÜLOMSAŞ Awaits Its National YHT Mission With A Locked Belief

tulomsas is waiting for the national yht mission with a locked faith
tulomsas is waiting for the national yht mission with a locked faith

TÜLOMSAŞ Awaits Its National YHT Mission With A Locked Belief; Efforts have been made to build the High Speed ​​Train in Eskişehir for years. The relevant government authorities, the Minister and the deputies were repeatedly presented files. However, a step was not taken in the process and the study could not be started. Ramazan Uysal, Chairman of Eskişehir Branch of Demiryol-İş Trade Union, told Eskişehir Ekspres about the process. Uysal, "TÜLOMSAŞ due to the historical responsibility of all units, with the belief that management is waiting for this task," he said.

We need to increase our technological independence

As a union, you are making efforts to build High Speed ​​Train in Eskişehir. At what stage is this now?

Minister of Transportation M. Cahit Turhan stated that the next target at the signing ceremony between TÜBİTAK and TCDD on the establishment of the Railway Transportation Technologies Institute was the production of High Speed ​​Train. With the increase in railways investment in our country, the number of rail vehicles in connection with the total length of the road and connection increases rapidly. With this increase, the production and development of the necessary tools with domestic and national resources became critical and strategic in a period when economic wars accelerated. It is important that we increase technological independence to the extent possible. TÜLOMSAŞ units continue to design and develop the technologies required by the railway with domestic and national facilities and carry out technology transfer agreements. Our Chamber of Industry and the rail systems cluster and the private sector closely follow the world. We wanted this monitoring to be continued by the related institutions and to apply the new technological developments and supplier industry in our country.

When it comes to industry, railway transportation is one step ahead

In this regard, the Ministry of Industry and Technology continues its researches with the related parties and the companies that are connected to Eskişehir Chamber of Industry with the YHT project and the companies that are willing to invest and produce in this field. In this regard, the President of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry contributes within the scope of industrial cooperation projects (SİP) and continues their intensive efforts and preparations. Eskişehir Railway Systems Cluster (RSC) Association continues its vision of being beneficial to all parties with its serious solutions and suggestions including preparation, planning, production and sales processes with its long-term works from the beginning. RSC has not abandoned the efforts of hundreds of companies, TÜLOMSAŞ bureaucracy and government wing to create an eco system.

TÜLOMSAŞ is waiting for this task

TÜLOMSAŞ expects this duty with the belief that all units are locked with its management due to its historical responsibility. TÜLOMSAŞ General Directorate, which has an experienced management team, has been completing its technical and administrative works for a long time. Engineers recruited and improved their training and experience. The company has always adopted the vision of taking all kinds of training, knowledge and talents to the advanced level and follows the technological developments closely and carries out the R & D and innovation activities in the light of technological developments and the addition of new systems is realized. In addition to other industrial and research organizations such as TUBITAK and ASELSAN, the company continues to work with universities. TÜLOMSAŞ continues to carry out the tests of the modernization products it has developed and certification and patenting stages at international standards and it is expected as an institution capable of fulfilling every assigned task. In addition, the parties that make up the other non-governmental organizations are in a serious desire and effort for the production of YHT as a result of the evaluation. We are expecting the government to make its final decision in favor of Eskişehir.

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