In Gaziantep, Intersections Are Watched 24 Hours

gaziantepte junction watches 24 watched 2
gaziantepte junction watches 24 watched 2

Traffic Control Center, established by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of intelligent transportation systems, takes 7 day 24 watches at the intersections of the city center. The center was able to touch the nerve endings of the traffic with its effective work.

Mayor of Fatma Sahin and his team will be the solution to urban traffic since the day he took office. The Traffic Control Center, which keeps the pulse of traffic with its modern, equipped, young and dynamic team of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region, coordinates the intersections and spends the day working day and night to open the jammed vessels of the traffic.

At the 271 signalized intersection in the city center, the 24 intersection in İslahiye, Nurdağı and Nizip districts, the Metropolitan Municipality follows the events at the 295 junction. In addition to the 119 signalized intersection made during the President Şahin period, all junctions were provided with the Traffic Control Center. 45 junction, which was observed by the traffic operator personnel and the fisheye cameras, identified the negativities that would affect the traffic, and helped to eliminate the traffic congestion.


In 2018, "Variable Message Marking (DMI) Systems" were put into operation at 5 different points, including 3 different city entry points and 8 different main arteries with vehicle density. 50 Bluetooth Detection devices are integrated into DMI systems, and the average travel time calculation, traffic directions, traffic warnings, meteorological status messages are informed via the Traffic Control Center.

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