Railroad employees want their guesthouses back

Railroad employees want their guesthouses back: Turkish Transport-Sen Gaziantep Branch President Baler Fidan, the railroad owned by the Metropolitan Municipality of the guesthouse was received by the sadness said.

Turkish Transport-Sen Gaziantep Branch President Baler Fidan, Gaziantep State Railways Gaziantep Garage made a press statement about the work done by the Metropolitan Municipality. In the 2012, Baler Fidan stated that the protocol signed between Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD signed a protocol regarding the transfer of non-use lands of State Railways to Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality.

Mış The protocol made us all excited “
Baler Fidan pointed out that the protocol between TCDD and Metropolitan Municipality aroused a great excitement and said F Many studies carried out both for Gaziantep and for the workplaces we were in have a nice visual. We would like to thank the employees of Metropolitan Municipality for these beautiful works Bu.
Fidan pointed out that the State Railways and guesthouses were given to different institutions in the process. Ild We were very sad that the guest house and the housing companies were given to different institutions and organizations. One of the most important traditions of 160 is the guest house culture. State Railways 160 has built a guest house and social facility around every station it established years ago. Now we see that there is a work far from the social municipality concept. There are approximately 150-200 TCDD employees. The parking space is not even considered for employees. Social municipality is made up of people and employees in the best way to benefit from the areas made. Sosyal

“We want our guesthouse back“
Fidan emphasized that the guesthouse should be given back to them, “We do not accept the confiscation of our guest house. That's why we're sorry. We want them to be sensitive to the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD. If the studies are not completed, one of the empty lodgings should be made as a guest house if possible. TCDD employees from outside and our guests will benefit from this. 1 million 200 thousand Turkish Lira was spent at the guest house. Before 1 years passed, the Metropolitan Municipality has made a cost and turned it into a department head. Municipalities also have facilities to make such facilities. This initiative made us very sad. We, as the employees of the State Railways, want our guesthouse and lodging back. Biz



  1. gaziantepte TCDD guesthouses and lodgings to others are extremely ugly
    n and the employee is disrespectful .. tcdd sold hundreds of real estates grants have sold out the old advantages of the staff in favor of the staff is lost one by one. The management of the staff is upset by the staff deprives the organization deprives the facilities. So that the organization does not have any attraction for the staff. Do not touch the guesthouses, athletes, or other institution staff. Do not touch the guesthouse for active staff like temporary staff. They don't touch the guesthouse (mahmut demirkolllllu).