Praise from President Erdogan to Gaziray Project

President of the Republic of Erde
President of the Republic of Erde

AK Party Chairman and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Sahinbey Karatas Sports Hall held in the an AK Party Gaziantep Candidates Introduction Meeting Başkan participated. 31 March 2019 Erdogan will be nominated in the local elections, explaining the mayors, Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Candidate and 9 mayor of the district mayor entrusted to the Gaziantep. President Erdoğan, mayor candidates and AK Party Gaziantep deputies together took a picture.

Erdogan, conducted by the Metropolitan Municipality of Turkey, the largest housing project 50 thousand houses North City Project, Gaziantep after Melen will resolve the water shortage, which until 2050 with the largest water project in nature in Turkey Düzbağ Water Supply Project and urban He praised the Gaziray project, which will ease its traffic. President Erdogan announced that a new city, where 140 thousand people will live, will be established in the Geneyik District in the south of the city.


Expressing that they will write new epics in Gaziantep on the evening of March 31, Erdogan emphasized that Gaziantep has given humanity lessons to the whole world with the dignified, compassionate, compassionate and patient stance that he has shown for 8 years in Syria.

Stating that he was also responsible for the redevelopment of the terrorist-free areas and made sacrifices, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wished mercy to the Vice Governor of Gaziantep, Ahmet Turgay Imamgiller, who passed away while he was carrying out the administrative structuring of the Euphrates Shield region about 2 weeks ago.

President Erdoğan, who denied the martyrs both in the attacks against the country and across the border operations, continued his words as follows: “I express my gratitude to all our heroes and their families, who did not leave the top of the martyrs, the land they lay on, the flag they hold. I would like to thank every one of my Gaziantep brothers, who have made up for almost 20 percent of the city population, in accordance with the sunnah of our beloved Prophet. I present my gratitude to every brother of Gaziantep who does not respect the heedlessness, terrorists and foreign agents who are struggling to disturb the peace of our country and to put mischief among our nation. The clean hearts of these brothers in their chest cages are, in my opinion, the world's most respected medal. I hope my Lord will reward these sacrifices in both worlds. ”


Erdogan said, “I believe that Gaziantep will also use its preference for service politics and heart municipality in these elections. We will especially protect the heart unity we have established with Cumhur Alliance and hopefully we will carry it to the highest level together. Gaziantep, Do we blow the ballot boxes on March 31, do the heart of municipality go to victory, do we work day and night until March 31? ” "Yes, I expect a record rate of votes," answered "Yes" from the people who filled the hall to their questions. I expect good news from you on election night. ”

"Gaziantep is the city of not only humanity, moral loyalty, division, but also industry, trade, export, agriculture, tourism" Erdogan noted that AK Party governments have made 35 quadrillion investments in the city to support this ancient struggle of Gaziantep.

Stating that they have built 10 new classrooms in education, the president said that they established the second state university, Gaziantep Islamic Science and Technology University, in the city where more than 830 thousand higher education students study, and that they put dormitory buildings with a capacity of 60 people into service for higher education students, and that in a few years they had 9 new dormitory buildings with a capacity of 440 beds to the city kazanHe said they would go.

Reminding that they have built a stadium with a capacity of 33 thousand spectators in the city, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that they will perform one of the most beautiful of the nation garden project in Gaziantep, Hasan Celal Güzel, who has all kinds of social and sports facilities, from a children's library to a swimming pool in a total area of ​​546 thousand square meters. He stated that they gave his name.


Expressing that they will build a second garden of 65 thousand square meters, which also includes the national cafe, in the place of the old stadium, Erdogan said: “It rehabilitated Gaziantep's culture and identity to regain the texture and culture of the city to restore it to its old days. we are making suitable recreation area. We turn the region, where Şahinbey, one of the heroes of the Gaziantep defense, was martyred into a national struggle nature park. We have delivered 16 thousand 219 houses to right holders so far in public housing. We started the North City Project, which is the largest and most comprehensive mass housing project in our country. We are building a new city of 50 thousand residences, which we will build with the principle of local and horizontal architecture, with all its commercial, social and cultural areas. He currently only lives in Gaziantep in Turkey. Road works continue with the construction of 2 houses. In addition, we are establishing another city, where 795 thousand citizens will live in the Geneyik region in the south of our city. This year we are starting the construction of this project with 140 thousand 2 residences. Until 750 snake, 2002 kilometers of divided roads were built in Gaziantep, we increased it to 196 kilometers. We are completing the İslâhiye-Kırıkhan road, Kahramanmaraş-Nurdağı road, Kahramanmaraş-Narlı-Gaziantep road this year. We are completing the Gaziantep-Bilecik road, Nizip-Karkamış road, Gaziantep-Oğuzeli-Karkamış road and Osmaniye-Nurdağı road next year. This shows our love for Gaziantep. ”


Addressing the crowd filling the hall, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin said, a This city is a city that does not skew. This city, 'every difficulty has seen a convenience, cowards can not erect a monument of glory' he said. There is possibility if there is faith. This hall is the hallmark of the 31 in March. With our mothers, we will succeed with our youth. We have created a Gaziantep model. The world is talking about it. This model is the model of love and brotherhood. That's why we work with love for Gaziantep. We say 'Our strength is Gaziantep'. There is war on our side but our industrialist 150 has put the factory into service. After Turkey's largest water project Düzbağ Melen Water Supply Project, 2 years, it was completed. In our city, the North City, which is the most beautiful, identity project of mass housing administration, is born. Here 50 bin housing, 250 will be the host of my thousand brother. With love of Gaziantep, we will continue to work with excitement on the first day. There is a new Gaziantep that is rising with its economy, culture and industry. We were able to do this together. Iz

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