Edirne Governor Özdemir Are we ready for the fast train

Edirne Governor Özdemir Are we ready for the high-speed train: Edirne Governor Günay Özdemir stated that the high-speed train project will accelerate after the opening of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and emphasized that the city should be prepared physically and socially for this.
Edirne Governor Günay Özdemir stated that the high-speed train project would gain speed after the opening of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and emphasized that the city should be prepared physically and socially for this.
Edirne Journalists Association President Derya Sarılarlı and board members visited Edirne Governor Günay Özdemir in his office. Governor Özdemir stated that he did his best in both the national and local press in the coup attempt and that the Turkish people took action with the publication of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's speech at the CNN, and the Edirne press gave a good test in the coup attempt. Governor Günay Özdemir pointed out that Edirne should be considered not only Thrace but also the Balkans and said:
“Edirne is a place with a serious infrastructure about the press. We had a very difficult time. The press, by the way, did its job very well. At that time, our press carried out a very good activity both nationally and locally. At the right time, in the right place, the people showed very well those images of democracy and flag. In this way, the people went out on the streets on July 15 and embraced their country and their democracy. I would like to thank them for their sensitivity to the press.
If our people did not make this effort, this effort, we would wake up on the morning of July 16 as a different morning. With the first speech of our people, our press, especially our President, the citizen went on such a street; any political structure, without realizing ethnic identity, anywhere in Turkey was given such a struggle for democracy. It was a nice union. I hope we will continue this unity together. In this understanding in our press. After 15 July, I see the same sensitivity in our national and local press. Thank you."
"You follow the local press daily, how did you find it?" Özdemir, on the question, said:
“More here than Kars. It also contributes to the serious national broadcast in terms of regional, Thrace and Balkans. We wanted to open up to the Balkans. However, in line with the events that have taken place, we have not been able to open enough to the Balkans for now. The Balkans are trying to be portrayed as if there was a war in this country. At least it is necessary to show that there is no such situation. ” During the visit, Derya Sarılarlı, the President of the Association, conveyed the following information to Özdemir:
“As Edirne Journalists Association, we wanted to visit you. We are the first association in Edirne founded in 1987 by members of the journalist profession. In our province Balkans and Turkey in general, we held three important meetings in Azerbaijan and journalists participated in the TRNC. We published the Edirne Press History Book. Kırkpınar Magazine is one of the firsts of our association. The press is well developed in Edirne. You have seen this. Due to the fact that we are a border city, there are representatives of every press organization. Local newspapers are economically difficult. With the opening of the Press Ad Agency, a cost of 3-75 thousand lira per newspaper came. All the newspapers are difficult now because 80 people have to employ them. Revenue is less, it goes a lot in newspapers. Everyone thinks what to do. We meet with journalists from time to time and hold meetings on this subject. ”
"Are we ready for the next 3-4 years after the high speed train?"
Hüseyin Arseven, Editor of Yenigün Newspaper, emphasized the phenomenon of the border city and said that Edirne is a dead end street.
On the other hand, Governor Özdemir stated that Edirne may not be a dead-end street, but the center of the Balkans.
“When our industry minister arrives, he said, 'We will make this a science and technology center.' Are we ready, 3 or 4 years later, in Edirne? Are we ready as a society, as an infrastructure, as an education? Are we ready as a trained staff member? Are we ready as an industry? Are we ready as Edirnelis? So do we have a plan for 5 years from now? Does Edirneli currently have such a plan or not? For example, a high speed train came to Edirne, what will happen? What is your expectation? For example, we have tourism expectations. How is your infrastructure about tourism? Are we sufficient physically, as an infrastructure, as a human resource? Are we sufficient as a source of service? we have to look.
Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge opens a week later. There is a serious increase in the transition of trucks in the commercial sense. So how much can we benefit from this kind of thing? 3 million people pass through the border gates. How much do we take advantage of them? Do we have a plan for them? Do we have infrastructure?
Speed ​​will search for freight transport by train. How can we benefit from Edirne? Whether I have logistics centers or something different, this is our import and export center, what can we think of here?
We are at the entrance gate of Europe, imagine that many companies will have to have an office here. I think we should do such a study. It seems to me that such a study is incomplete now. We have to do something for this. We will take advantage, but we have to do something now. ”
Özdemir, who said that there are also things to be done about the promotion of historical monuments in Edirne, pointed out the writing of 'Eski Cami', the gate of Üç Şerefeli, the tile of Muradiye, the structure of Selimiye, 'When you go to visit these historical monuments, you see that there is no one to give information. Based on this rhyme, people can come to Edirne more with curiosity even in the case of advertising on billboards in Istanbul. Brochures describing historical buildings can be prepared. ”

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