15 from Turkish Air Field Passed an Aircraft in Seconds

15 from the Turkish airspace arrives one second per second
15 from the Turkish airspace arrives one second per second

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Turkey has reported that last year the average late flight in airspace every 15 seconds.

Turhan, Turkey's decision to invest and put into practice performed to enter the civil aviation infrastructure in this area, he said among the fastest growing countries in the world.

Stating that there has been a significant increase in the number of passengers traveling by plane in recent years, Turhan said, "In the last 10 years, the number of passengers transported by air has increased by an average of 10,5 percent each year, from 62 million to 210 million." said.

Dormitory in 2002, the two centers from 26 points to only Turkish Airlines (THY) scheduled flights organized in Turkey, 6 airline on domestic routes today, 7 centers from Turhan emphasized that a total of 56 points to the time made, on the other hand, 2003. abroad just 60 flights He stated that this number reached a total of 119 destinations in 296 countries.

Turhan stated that the number of flights, including transit overpasses, in Turkish airspace last year increased by 5,4 percent compared to the previous year, increasing from 1 million 914 thousand 17 to 2 million 17 thousand 763. Minister Turhan, in the said period, Turkey was passed late on a plane every 15 seconds from the skies.

Stating that as of the end of last year, 88 percent of the aircraft landing and taking off at airports made commercial flights, Turhan said that the number of commercial flights increased by 2017 percent compared to 6,7, from 1 million 272 thousand 341 to 1 million 357 thousand 743. told.

Transit top pass increased by 14,9 percent

Turhan pointed out that the domestic flight traffic decreased by 2017 percent compared to 1,8 and regressed to 893 thousand 223, and that the international flight traffic increased by 9,9 percent and was recorded as 649 thousand 553.

Minister Turhan emphasized that the number of overpasses in Turkish airspace increased by 14,9 percent and said, "Last year, there were 474 million 987 thousand 2 flights in Turkish airspace, 17 thousand 763 of which were transit overpasses".

The flight numbers of the 2017 and 2018 in Turkish airspace are as follows:

flights 2017 2018 Change (percent)
Domestic line    909.332    893.223   -1,8
International line    591.125       649.553     9,9
Turkey in general 1.500.457    1.542.776      2,8
 Transit top pass     413.560       474.987    14,9
Total 1.914.017    2.017.763      5,4

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