Mersin City Lush Shipping Companies

mersin intercity transport companies
mersin intercity transport companies

Transportation between countries is an indispensable necessity of export and import. The transportation sector, which is developed in areas such as land sea and air transport, is among the most important sectors of the developing and changing world. Transporters operating in our country in the field of international transport have also started to follow modern technologies closely by keeping up with the times and applying them in the sector.

Our country has a critical and active role in terms of transport, especially in the port city of the city and the eastern and southeastern provinces of the connection point in the province of Mersin is located. Mersin Intercity Transportation Companies There are several companies that draw attention with their different works especially among them, Mersin Transportation is the first of these companies.

Mersin Transport has a transport authorization certificate, truck lorry and transportation vehicles within the scope of CMR insurance. The company carries out international transportation of all kinds of cargoes with its domestic and foreign license plate vehicles in its large vehicle fleet, and it is able to successfully carry out export and import transportation activities with all countries from Europe to Asia.

The company also provides partial transportation services on certain days of the week with the exit of Istanbul warehouses along with the transportation of complete trucks in international transportation and also provides regular logistic services with out-of-gauge heavy transportation, frank trailer transportation, container transportation and open freight transportation vehicles.

Mersin Logistics company, which was established in Mersin for many years ago, has started to operate liaison and branch offices in many cities of our country in order to meet the increasing demands in time with international transportation companies. High model trucks, expert drivers, high quality and modern equipments and experienced well-trained operational team, 7724 continues to provide logistics services with the understanding of the company coming to the information center in writing and verbal delivery of all the needs and demands of the response system in a short time with the return, most Provides feedbacks with proper shipping freight and conditions.

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