The Leading Company in the Russian Logistics Line Shah Lojistik

logistics company in Russia
logistics company in Russia

📩 15/11/2018 16:52

Russia is one of the countries that gives the most weight to international transportation activities. Russia imports the product group of our country, which is expressed with faces, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, and our country imports the so-called underground resources from Russia.

trying to Russian transport organizations from Turkey is continuing this line of logistics activities with special solutions is this line from time to time distress suffered because of the very positive approach sergilemes are also based in Mersin established shipping agency Shah Logistics quite experienced in the Russian transportation. Transport companies in Russia The company works in conjunction with domestic and foreign plate trucks and provides comprehensive logistics services.

Shah Logistics, which provides transportation to Russia by using different routes, generally uses the most suitable and hassle-free route over Georgia, but also prefer roro-reinforced routes over Bulgaria and Ukraine from time to time. It offers uninterrupted logistic services to Russia in areas such as partial transportation by weekly trucking, partial outbound transportation, container transport and especially the most demanding truck transport.

Şah Lojistik, which has left behind a quarter of a century in the transportation sector, has a different view with its experience gained in time, its ability to implement technological developments closely in the sector and its understanding of providing quality service focused on customer satisfaction. provides smooth logistics services with operation team.

From Turkey to Russia with the export of all kinds of product transport and Turkey via imports from Russia to Turkey cargo transit pass third countries comprehensive cargo shipping to successfully perform can be Shah Logistics running the self-owned and leased all domestic and foreign vehicles en karnel and CMR offers a safe way to travel with the insured. Russia, especially the capital from the east to the west of the east, north to the south of all regions and provinces of the company that organizes all the shipments to all regions of Russia can provide delivery in the minimum possible time.

Source of news: Shah Logistics

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