Mersin Metropolitan Asphalt Capacity to Increase

mersin big city will increase asphalt capacity
mersin big city will increase asphalt capacity

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Selecter, metropolitan road asphalt found in the construction site. Stating that the 200-ton capacity plant on the construction site is already working and that the 100-ton capacity plant will be repaired and re-produced, Mayor Seçer said, başında The most important issue we consider in the coming process is to make the roads in Mersin suitable for standards and norms. ”

“Paving stones should be cheap, good quality and durable”

Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Haydar Ali Ulusoy also participated in the study tour President Vahap Selecter, the general condition of the plant, asphalt and pavement production capacity, received information about the working systems. Mayor Seçer, who received information about the paving stones produced by the road asphalt construction site by his own means and said, “Instead of the same paving stone all over the city, there may be different materials according to the need and density. We need to plan these. What is important to me is that the paving stone is cheap, quality and sustainable. The quality and durability of the flooring is important. ”

100 tons capacity plant to be re-produced

President Seçer noted that there are two plants in the road asphalt construction site, “One of which has a capacity of 200 tons and the other with a capacity of 100 tons. But we are working with 200 tons capacity plant actively working. We are currently doing our road repairs, maintenance, repairs with asphalt from here. Our other plant needs maintenance and repair. Our friends are working on this issue and we will put this into operation in the coming process..

805 kilometers of road network in 5 neighborhoods

Seçer stated that the service area of ​​Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has reached 16 thousand square kilometers and that they serve 500 neighborhoods, 805 of which are rural neighborhoods. “Therefore, our road network is extremely wide. Five thousand kilometers is an important figure. This is not only the metropolitan part of our authority and responsibility, but we are trying to provide services to some places that do not have authority and responsibility. We are trying to take this service in the area of ​​responsibility of our district municipalities. Their possibilities are certain. Therefore, we try to make all these services by using our facilities to the maximum. ”

“The roads will be made in accordance with the standards and norms in Mersin”

Stressing that the demands of the citizen came first among the demands of the first degree, President Seçer said:

“Of course they want roads in more favorable conditions. Our region is a region where important agricultural productions are made. Our manufacturer is trying to produce the most valuable, highest quality products. The products produced here are also high value-added products. High market value products. Citizens harvest these products from their gardens, land and fulfill the market until they do not perform this course in an appropriate road network until they bring products from the garden is a problem. Deterioration occurs, losing quality. Therefore, there are economic losses. When we think about all of this, the most important issues that we attach importance to in the coming period is to make the roads in accordance with standards and norms in Mersin. To do this, you need first degree money, you need finance. Secondly, we need to buy material with this money and turn it into a quality material, asphalt and apply it. For this, you need sufficient staff, technical staff or staff to work as a field work. We arrange them. ”

“We will also receive support from the private sector for road works”

After he started his duty, he reorganized the road asphalt construction site and stated that they solved the deficiencies and said: başına By itself, we do not have the chance to do all the road works, new roads, maintenance and repair of Mersin with our own staff and with our own means. Of course, we will do this with the help of the private sector. Cheapest, best quality, we can give us this service to companies in this area we have to give some amount. Together with them, that is to say, the services of the private sector, the services we will do as a municipality, we will do this in the best way during our duty. Mukhtar also the most painful head, the subject comes from the beginning of the demands of citizens. Particularly in village settlements, ie neighborhoods, the primary demands of our mukhtars are from us. Group roads, village roads, even garden roads, side streets in their villages rightly demand that all of these be done, revived and improved by us. We work for them too. Our goal is to work harder, to serve better. ”

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