The biggest share in the 2019 budget of İBB

The biggest share in Istanbul's 2019 butces has been transported and recycled
The biggest share in Istanbul's 2019 butces has been transported and recycled

Presenting the 23 billion budget of IMM's 800 billion Budget to the Parliament, Mevlüt Uysal said, alık We make the biggest investment in transportation and then in the environment. Everything is for Istanbul, everything for the beautiful Istanbulites. With these feelings and thoughts, I hope that our budget will bring some charity to Istanbul cel.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, November meetings 7. In the combination of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's 2019 Year Budget, Performance Program and Investment and Service Program. Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal, presenting the budget to the members of the Assembly, stated that they prepared a budget for investment, and said, sun We are in front of a budget project that determines the priorities and takes care of needs. 2019 year municipal budget, 23 billion 800 million pounds. We increased our budget by 18,41 by the year. 28 Year 2019 Year 58 billion 801 million liras. We prepared the budget to give the best service to the people of Istanbul. We will also spend on this purpose. Everything is for Istanbul, everything is for the beautiful Istanbulites. With these feelings and thoughts, I hope that our budget will bring some charity to Istanbul cel.

Turkey's summary and pioneer of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's reference municipalities with stable investment for years President Mevlut Uysal stated that the position, said;


"Credit rating agencies are showing their reports to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as having the best credit rating in Turkey. As a municipality; we have a solid financial structure and a high performance. We prepared our budget to give the best service to Istanbul residents. We will also spend on this purpose. We are dedicated to serve, we try to make the best of every good we do. In the coming period, we will continue to serve equally to every corner of Istanbul. This year we also offer an investment-weighted budget to our assembly. We are facing a budget bill that sets priorities and takes care of needs. 2019 is our municipal budget, 23 billion 800 million pounds. We increased our budget by 18,41 by the year. Together with the institutions affiliated to our municipality, namely IETT and İSKİ, our total budget reaches 34 billion 801 million pounds. In addition, the total turnover of our subsidiary 28 is around 24 Billion TL. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality budget 11 billion 300 million pounds have been invested. This figure is close to half of our municipal budget. When we take into account the investments of our companies and our affiliates, we have an investment budget of 16 billion 498 million pounds. 2019 20,6 billion pounds in our income budget. We will always use 3 billion 200 million pounds in a substantial part of the borrowing as for rail system investments. X


Mevlüt Uysal underlined that the biggest share in investments is allocated to rail systems in this section and continued as follows; Iz Next year we will invest 6 billion 117 million liras in transportation. This figure is 54 of our metropolitan investment budget. Rail transportation systems are as usual in transportation investments. As we always say, transportation is a rail solution. When we bring the rail systems to 1.100 kilometers, we will solve the transportation problem. We strive to achieve this goal with all our strength. We want to achieve this goal as soon as possible. Istanbul is currently the city with the most metro construction in the world. On the 118 construction site, our 25 is close to a thousand workers working day and night. Last month we opened the last stage, Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe metro and rail systems have reached the 170 kilometers. With the latest technology, we offered the driverless service of Istanbul, the first in Europe and the third in the world. For Istanbulites we have always done the best, so once again they were registered. As you know, the metro is a high-cost investment. We built our entire network of rail systems with 170 mileage with our own resources. Currently the construction of 284,7 mileage system continues. In a short time we will be opening successively. In the first quarter of 2019, Gebze-Halkalı Commuter Line will be opened. 63 is a line that passes through the city. Capacity will be very comfortable to transport, approximately 100 thousand vehicles will be withdrawn from traffic. Thus, our network of 233 kilometers of rail network will be completed in Istanbul. We're working hard on the 17 subway line. Just complete these ongoing lines when the Republic 100. 2023 454,7 1.100 in the year will be reached. We're working on new finance models to quickly complete rail systems to XNUMX km. Ray


Reminding that another solution for Istanbul traffic is tunnel roads, Uysal said, “Tunnel roads relieve vehicle traffic. Time kazanyelling. Hours turn into minutes. Our current tunnel roads are 17 kilometers. We need another 160 kilometers of tunnels. Lastly, we put the Hasköy-Kasımpaşa Tunnel into service. Eyüp Silahtarağa-Gaziosmanpaşa Tunnel will be opened at the end of this year. Sabiha Gökçen Airport Tunnel will also be opened in 2019. Our tunnel constructions in Dolmabahçe-Levazım, Libadiye-Çamlıca and Alibeyköy-Küçükköy continue. In addition, we have 12 intersections and 19 road constructions. With these investments we have made in public transportation and smart transportation systems, traffic congestion has decreased by approximately 17 percent.”


In the 2019 budget, İBB President Mevlüt Uysal pointed out that the biggest investment item is the environment, and they stated that they had allocated 2 billion million liras to the environment as IMM.

Stating that 45 percent of the consolidated budget is allocated for environmental investments, Mevlüt Uysal said, “We put into service 5 of our National Gardens at the weekend with the presence of our President. 1,5 million m2 more green space in Istanbul kazanwe nagged. We continue to work for a more beautiful and greener Istanbul with its air, water and soil. The amount of green space per capita has exceeded 12 square meters. Our goal is to increase the amount of green space per capita to 20 m2 with new national gardens and other works. Our biggest environmental project for Istanbul is to transform Atatürk Airport into a National Garden. We are replacing Şişli Feriköy and Aksaray İSKİ buildings into City Park. We did not build these places. As a green space, we preferred to put it at the service of our citizens. Beykoz, Arnavutköy, Pendik and Tuzla parks are also under construction. We put into service the investments that meet the water needs of the next 50 years. We have solved the water problem of Istanbul until 2071. We have also come a long way in purifying water. We treat 99 percent of wastewater. 45% of this is advanced biological treatment. In the next 5 years, we aim to treat all wastewater with biological methods. Today, as Istanbul, we have the best “waste management” in Europe. We live in a city that produces 20 thousand tons of garbage a day. We collect, decompose and recycle this garbage. kazanwe are eating. We generate electricity from garbage and build new facilities. Our Smart Recycling Container attracted great attention. There is a very high demand for containers from schools and public institutions," he said.


Budgeting the urban transformation of 1 billion 11 million pounds have separated voicing Uysal, without taking money from the citizen in place with the new system of transformation in the town began to urban transformation 6 said. Uysal, ac I believe that this model will accelerate the urban transformation very much. When this 6 project is finished we will set an example for Istanbul and we think that the demands of Istanbulites will increase for the transformation. X

2019 budget, 904 million pounds in the budget, education, culture, health, sports and social services, 1 billion 232 thousand pounds in our consolidated budget that transfers the number of transfer Uysal, home care services, work on handicapped, from ISMEK to sports investments and the new As many stated in the service item.

Uysal stated that they have come a long way in our goal of making culture and art accessible to everyone and that they have opened cultural centers all over Istanbul and said, “2 new stages in Sultangazi and Esenler for our City Theaters. kazanwe nagged. Thus, our number of scenes reached 13. This year, we aim to reach a hundred percent occupancy rate in our stages. Our goal is to build theater stages in all 39 districts," he said.


As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Uysal stated that they have taken major works together with the Government for Istanbul, and ended his speech as follows; Dı Lastly, our Istanbul Airport, which adds value to the value of our city, was opened. The world is staring in guts; Our investments linking the two continents with bridges, railways and tunnels are at the service of our people. Preparations for the 3 folded tube passageway continue. Our tradition of service, which is approaching quarter of a century, with the support of the municipality; it will be much larger, much stronger, will mark the next century. For this, with a never ending love and excitement, the year of 2023, our Republic 100. We are preparing for the year. yıl

After the meeting, Mehmet Fındıkçı on behalf of the AK Party Group, Tonguç Çoban on behalf of the CHP Group and Gökhan Yüksel from the CHP Group on behalf of the parties expressed their opinions about the budget.


AK Parti SözcüIn his speech, Ömer Şahan responded to the criticism and said, “I have gained the trust of the people of Istanbul in such a short time. kazanYou are disturbed by our President Mevlüt Uysal, who is a gentleman of Istanbul, who is open to communication, open to communication, and has no party or subject in any quarrel. You will continue to be uncomfortable. Within the framework of the 2023 vision, we are knitting all over Istanbul with iron nets. Üsküdar-Sancaktepe Metro, Turkey's first driverless metro, became the 20rd among 3 driverless metros in the world and the first in Europe. We have increased the amount of green space in Istanbul from 1994 million square meters to 6 million square meters by increasing the amount of green space approximately 10 times since 58. IMM has planted 23 million trees and saplings in Istanbul so far. The people of this ancient city see our services. Istanbulites know very well that if there is a problem somewhere, IMM will come and solve it”.

Following the completion of the negotiations, the İB 2019 Year Budget was approved by a majority vote with the 142 rejection vote.

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